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Maroochy River idiots Spoil Tourism for Easter...

This is Not Tourism ... it’s insanity.....

our clan lives on the River...(Maroochy)

Over Easter we witnessed a number of incidents....

The first was when we took a leisurely cruise to the river mouth ...

Not only was the River swarming with JET SKI’s racing (to which we did not see any POLICE?)

It was like witnessing one life threatening event after another...

On the way to the river mouth we watched in horror as jet skis narrowly miss swimmers and other boats...

especially small craft and canoes, kayaks...and in some instances fishermen on the banks...obviously novice riders...did they have a licence? A few didn’t even have lifejackets on !

the peace and serenity for our tourism was shattered by these select few...? why...?

No Police presence and lots of high sped incidents in the shallows...?

Near misses of boats playing chicken with others for laughs... including us...

Towing Skiers’ and tubes in narrow channels.... where signs clearly marked no Skiiers?

just about every infringement you can imagine.... it was tourism carnage !

Then we saw what took the cake... Idiot 1

This guy decided to swim across the river at the mouth when it was in FULL tidal outflow...

He was swept out to the bank where the waves were.... and nearly drowned...

we watched helplessly as we had children on board and other adults and simply could not risk them to rescue him...

we were able to wave down the Rescue Rubber Duckie in time for him to be saved and returned to safety...

a very near miss as in a few more minutes he would have been in the Surf....out to sea and even worse probably been hit by

the masses of wave jumping jet skis’.... they would not have seen him in the foaming water of the out going tide....

Note: no police were seen around the river all weekend.... this was supposedly a weekend for keeping an eye on things?

And Then

Late last night...1am thru 3am we had racing jet skis’ in the dark on the upper reaches between Dunethin Rock and The Rocks

There was a BIG party at “Winkles” property, the partying throng decided to get into BIG V8 Sped boats and on their numerous Jet Skis and then go have races... in the DARK Navigation lights or other.

Not only that they all had BIG LOUD motor bikes and BIG 4WD’s that were all doing donuts at the same the adjoining paddocks...and on the road....

very very loud with the music that the whole of Ninderry and Maroochy River residents could hear for miles.. especially unmuffled Motor bikes and boats.

The POLICE were called a NUMBER OF TIMES but we think so it seems failed to secure the river of the racing jet ski’s and boats that went until dawn this morning...

We had calls from concerned neighbours ... even I called Police @ Maroochydore twice to assist ... they did not seem to catch any of the above...

Our question is for you to ask our local Police COMMISSIONER ?... when you do the Weekend wrap for Easter...

if we are not allowed to pump water with our quiet water pump to save our farm during drought past 7pm or before 7am? then how can people get away with this 24/7 for 4 days over Easter?

and we had back then, the police visit to tell us to turn off our income producing pump?... then why can’t the police attend what was life threatening events at EASTER and stop the excessive noises at 3am?

Why did they seemingly turn a blind eye?

Especially to Racing on the river at night without any Nav lights or any lights at all.

What follow up at the Winkle property on Coolum Yandina Road are they going to do? The property is between Nimbin Place and Wants Road.... you can go there or here and see it for yourself...

it is still going on NOW today ! We can all hear the racing from here 1 km away?

It will probably go all day again today and into all night tonight?

If they can BAN Jet Ski’s on Noosa River then why not everywhere else before someone is killed?

Why select the NOOSA RIVER until someone DIES on the MAROOCHY....what’s the difference?

Our neighbourhood has not slept for days...

There are a shitload of witnesses to this event.....

call Errol Middlebrook ex an example...

we can supply contacts for witnesses closer than us.


“what are Police doing” to curb these carry on’s, on the coast for our TOURISM OPERATORS that NEED areas for QUIET and SAFE OPERATION of tourism activity...?

when the POLICE ARE NOWHERE except sitting under bridges on the BRUCE Highway in VANS with Revenue Radars?


You can really ask these questions of the Police with confidence.... it is after all a community issue and one for safety and future of Tourism

09 April 2012
Maroochy River idiots Spoil Tourism for Easter...

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Publish Date: 10 Apr 12

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Above: Maroochy River Idiots Spoil Tourism for Easter

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