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The Sky is Falling...

The Government is thinking of tossing out a heap of cash, the news readers tell us every night that there 'could be' mass sackings in a particular blue chip company, and my favourite today, Courier Mail reporting the Suncorp boss sailing off into the sunset with his $20 million even though the company's value fell by $12 billion, gotta love that job! It doesn't matter where you look at the moment, it is all doom and gloom!

Personally, I am getting a tad sick of it, it is starting to remind me of when you used to frown or scowl and your grandma told you that if the wind blew your face would stay that way. It sort of feels like that, I mean, so much 'bad news', and being scared of even 'worse' news seems to feel like a 'self fulfilling' prophecy. A good example is a friend of mine, really needs to get a new Dining Table, she has the money there, they are not rich, but has modest savings, but is 'worried about spending' because the economy might get worse, so she has her family having dinner on a table that is on it's last legs (literally). Everyone thinking like this, WILL cause the economy to worsen? Not to mention the stress of 'worrying' about the economy can't be good for your health?

Some things we can't do much about, like the large companies that expect to make massive profits every single year, and god forbid like us in small business they just have to take a loss every now & then, so they sack staff. I really feel for those people, it is out of their hands and they just have to cop what the big boys in suits decide about their fate :( Apart from these unfortunate people in certain industries it is not that bad!

Just for one minute, close your eyes and pretend that you did not see the news or hear any 'the sky is falling' articles on the radio... For the majority of us, we woke up this morning, had pretty good health, pretty happy families, not bad weather (no floods like the poor guys up north), and most importantly, getting back to my grandmother, the majority of us DID NOT wake up to 3 generations of family living under one roof with dripping on 4 day old bread for breakfast, every male in the family unemployed and with no prospect of employment!

I know for a lot of us times are tough, just paying all the school stuff this year nearly sent us into cardiac arrest. It seems to be that absolutely everything costs a fortune and has gone up even further, yet for most of us our wages have stayed pretty static, and that is hard, and I will admit, pretty scary, but it is not the end of the world. My grandma used to tell stories about the depression (the real one), and I had immigrant friends arrive here from countries with 300% inflation rates, telling me how they grew up with no hope at all.

We are not there, and you know, maybe if we all try to just grit our teeth, be a little more optimistic about the future, we can make that 'optimism' the self fulfilling prophecy, not the doom and gloom. At the very least, we should appreciate what we have, not give ourselves ulcers over what we can't affect to any major degree, you never know, our future might be brighter then what many think, and ultimately, how we 'choose' to live our lives is up to us, so make the best of what you do have, prudence is smart, but wasting your life on stress isn't :)

Smile & have a good day!!!

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Publish Date: 06 Feb 09

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