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Online advertising is not limited by geography or time, imagine being able to get in touch with your potential clients at the precise moment they are looking for your business or service!  That is the unlimited power of internet advertising, and is the reason why it is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world.  Get your part of the action today with is Sunshine Coast's largest and most effective online business advertising directory, and has been since 2002!

Where to start : The Premium Listing profiles are the businesses highlighted in yellow at the top (just like this example).  The order of the Premium Listing's is always 'first in best dressed' not alphabetical order, this ensures your position on the front page will always be secure, and obviously the front page certainly holds the vast majority of the value!

These types of Premium Listing profiles on will not only help increase your search engine rankings but increase potential sales, there is no doubt.  As internet marketing is a highly successful (around 92% of consumers now turn to the internet to search for products and services) and extremely cost effective way of reaching potential customers we thought you might like to know the following :)
With over 125,000 individual visitors to our website 'monthly' and growing (that is well over 1 Million people annually), we can assure that whilst the costs to you are minimal, the results are guaranteed and will speak for themselves. - Facts and Important Details

  1. We are a Sunshine Coast business too!
  2. Over 125,000 individual visitors per month and growing rapidly (that is well over 1 Million annually)
  3. Over 270,000 page views per month
  4. Over 100,000 Million **hits to date, averaging 3.5 Million per month (**Hits is not a preferred term to use with the likes of Business Directories as it is very misleading and can often be used for fraudent promotion as to the popularity of a site)
  5. 2.2 Million business records are viewed every month
  6. We promote over 36,000 Sunshine Coast business that are listed on our directory
  7. We have the most detailed Community Information on the Sunshine Coast (we have been doing it for ever!)
  8. We are a Sunshine Coast only directory (not Australia wide) so our stats are relevant, accurate and unique to the Sunshine Coast. are currently ranked 1st and 2nd in Google for most searches on the "Sunshine Coast" like "Sunshine Coast Beauty", "Sunshine Coast Real Estate" and "Sunshine Coast Construction Companies" (check your industry) to name a few - as l am sure you can imagine this is a very powerful place to advertise in!

As our business directory is so popular (well over 36,000 Sunshine Coast businesses listed, and 125,000 individual visitors every single month, remembering this is not just 'hits'), you can now have your very own advertisement like this, it is what we call a Premium Listing, but BE QUICK AS IT IS FIRST IN BEST DRESSED.

Premium Listing (like this) :  Only $295 +gst for 12 full months 

Don't have a website? this full colour web-page is the perfect choice to give you an internet presence.
Have a website? This listing will help increase your search engine rankings, not to mention help drive more traffic to your own site.

We also offer a wide range of other internet advertising opportunities designed to drive clients directly through to your business, so contact us today for more information.

We are a Sunshine Coast business too,
so please feel free to either email or telephone us TODAY to secure your position and reap the benefits of advertising THAT WORKS..

Your potential customers are looking here.., Sunshine Coast Wide
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