Tony Abbott is writing a marriage equality bill?

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The dust is still settling after our extraordinary effort in the marriage equality postal survey, but those who seek to delay equality are already on the march. 

Fervent opponents of marriage equality in the Liberal party are writing their own marriage equality bill.1 

Yep, you read that right. 

The very men who demanded an unnecessary public vote on marriage equality are already preparing to decimate the proposed legislation, making it impossible to pass parliament. 

Liberal MP Michael Sukkar has bragged he'll bring up to 100 amendments to the Smith bill, hoping to grant new license to discriminate against LGBTIQ people in the workplace, in the health system, and at the shop counter. His colleague Ian Goodenough smugly told the ABC "'[i]t'll take several weeks to get even a dozen amendments through".2 

This is yet another manipulative tactic from far-right conservatives who will do everything possible to stop marriage equality. 

Next week, we'll know if we have a Yes victory in the postal survey, which will give an undeniable, urgent mandate for parliament to change the law to let LGBTIQ couples get married. Right now, while we wait to hear the results, we need to swiftly smack-down the far-right's attempts to scuttle the passage of marriage equality with their dirty delay tactics. 

So we've made this video explaining the details of marriage equality legislation, and the No campaign's attempt to padlock it down with farcical amendments. Can you share the video on Facebook to help get the word out with every person who voted Yes? 

It's vital that every person who cast a Yes vote understands that when Eric Abetz and Tony Abbott talk about "religious exemptions", they're actually pushing for drastic new permissions to discriminate against LGBTIQ people. 

Can you imagine how humiliating and degrading it would be to be turned away at the shop counter because of who you are? We have laws in Australia that protect people from that kind of awful discrimination, and we shouldn't change that. 

When the Liberal party are considering whether to bow to Tony Abbott and allow these discriminatory amendments that would actually increase LGBTIQ inequality, they know they won't be able to pull a swifty on us. 

Click here to share this video with your friends, so the Liberal party know Yes voters are watching the substance of the legislation and we won't stand for any weakening of our anti-discrimination laws. 

Millions of people have now voted for a more equal, inclusive and loving society. 

Let's make sure that in the coming weeks when discussion of legislative details come to the fore, Yes voters know exactly what opponents of marriage equality mean when they call for "religious freedoms". 

With love, 

Sally, for the GetUp team 

PS - Thank you for your incredible work during the postal survey! We are yet to find out the result, but I'm so proud of what we were able to achieve together. More people are on the electoral roll than ever before, 78.5% of eligible Australians posted back a vote in the survey, and... the polling numbers are looking good! 

The results of the postal survey will be announced next Wednesday the 15th at 10am, and there are events across the country during and after the announcement. To find your nearest event and be part of the (hopefully!) celebration, check out 

[1] Conservative MPs working on marriage bill, Sky News, 9 November 2017 
[2] Same-sex marriage bill: conservative MPs warn Malcolm Turnbull there could be up to 100 amendments, The West Australian, 30 October 2017
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