Home-based Transport Business Part-Time

$168,000 WIWO

Maroochydore, Queensland 4558

$168,000 WIWO

Home BasedTruck

Home-based Transport Business Part-Time

This is a simple, easy, straightforward business specialising in the transport of materials no job too big or small no reason to refuse a job!!

More than just driving a truck The current owner Kerri runs this business and organises work for her trucks and drivers spending approximately 10 hours per week working. Kerri doesn't drive a truck!

What does she do Sorry Kerri, but not much!!

She receives calls from established clients looking for a truck and she allocates the jobs firstly to her trucks then any further calls are allocated to other owner drivers and contacts that she has.

Kerri might get a call for 10 trucks great, her three trucks have work for the day. She then sources seven other trucks to provide the service to the client.

Why do they call Kerri? Kerri has the reputation of the 'Go To' Lady. She can provide trucks to the site, they are reliable and best of all.... they turn up on time. If the client is requiring 3 trucks at 7am, with 2 trucks to arrive on site each half hour thereafter till 10am then Kerri will organise this, advising each of the drivers of their required time of arrival so that it all happens seamlessly. It happens to plan, the client is happy with the service and guess who they call next time they need trucks on site!

Best of all Kerri's trucks work before anyone else. It works and it works well.

How good would this be with a Husband & Wife / Family Team
Mum organising the schedule - Dad, Sons or Daughters to drive?

3 Trucks are included in the sale and whilst not being brand new they do the job and they keep the dollars rolling in! You can buy brand new trucks and have a huge debt or you can buy these three with the current, established business and have a business that makes money week in, week out!! It really depends what is important to you, shiny new trucks or PROFIT in Your Pocket?


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Price: $168,000 WIWOTrial: no
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12th August 2016

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