Cr Rick Baberowski - Division 1 candidate, Sunshine Coast Council

Re-Elect Rick Baberowski - Results on the ground for our area - Division 1

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Cr Rick Baberowski - Division 1 candidate, Sunshine Coast Council

When I was elected four years ago, Division 1 residents set me some clear goals: revive our economy, fix our roads, raise the standards of our public spaces, and protect our environment and lifestyles.

We've made great progress, and I've shown I can get results on the ground. I'm asking for your vote so I can use the experience I've gained to finish the job.

Reviving Our Economy and Creating Jobs

Four years ago, our economy was struggling. Now the Sunshine Coast is ranked as one of Queensland's best economies. Business confidence is up, youth unemployment is down, and great new businesses like the Happy Snack Company and Heli-mods are moving into the division. Council has delivered operating surpluses every year and paid down debt.

Next term, we need to build on this with more job creation programs, and by delivering the game-changing projects council has set up to inject millions into our economy.

I am confident we are on the edge of a long-awaited era of prosperity. With your support, I would love to help make it happen.

Roads and Rail

As transport portfolio councillor, I know that getting transport right is vital.

This term, I was pleased to achieve a commitment to the second access road for Bellvista and Bells Reach through the infrastructure agreements with Stockland and the state.

I responded to local "problem roads" through a strategy of accelerated and additional funding for upgrades that I will continue if re-elected. Some of the roads upgraded so far include Storrs Road, Old Landsborough Road, Glenview Road (2 stages), Old Gympie Road, Roy's Road (2 stages), Myla Bridge, Reed Street approach and Mawson's Road.

If re-elected I will work to get further upgrades, as well as continuing to push for the upgrades set out in council's integrated transport plan - eg. rail duplication, expansion of the Bruce Highway, and a light rail system that would connect the Glasshouse Country railway towns to Caloundra South, Caloundra, Maroochydore and the new hospital.

Raising the Standards of Public Spaces

Since I was elected, I have had Bellvista, Beerwah, Glass House Mountains and Landsborough put onto more intensive "precinct" management plans. I regularly consult with the community and tour with the precinct managers to achieve continuous improvements, which I would continue to do if re-elected.

I have supported council's negotiations to take over the maintenance of state government road reserves that are poorly maintained. For example, this recently led to 11 additional sites in Division 1 moving from a mowing schedule of 0-5 times a year by the state to 10-16 by council.

I have also supported the creation of community facilities, such as the establishment of permanent community meeting places in Bellvista and Kawana Forest, as well as the preservation of existing ones, such as Landsborough Hall.

Environment and Lifestyle

I am a strong supporter of council's environmental policies, including land acquisitions for environmental reserves such as our recent purchase at London Creek, Peachester, and our plan to transition council to 100% renewable electricity through the construction of a 15Mw utility-scalesolar farm early next term.

The massive suburbs of Caloundra South (Aura) are now under construction. This presents each of our communities with different challenges. However, it is important for all our communities to consciously plan for how we can protect our identities and lifestyles. We don't want to become another Gold Coast, and we shouldn't.

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Cr Rick Baberowski - Division 1 candidate, Sunshine Coast Council :
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Cr Rick Baberowski - Division 1 candidate, Sunshine Coast Council
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