Jeffrey Hodges, Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights, No-Tolls

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Jeffrey Hodges, Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights, No-Tolls

Jeffrey Hodges (7)

I've lived in the hinterland at Flaxton for 24 years, and have two children Benjamin aged 23 and Lauren aged 20.

I hold a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science (Hons) and a Bachelor of Education, and I've run my own business for the past 37 years called Sportsmind, providing mental training for elite sportspeople all over the world.

Along with thousands of other top athletes, I've helped two Olympic gold medallists achieve their dreams – Sara Carrigan for road cycling in 2004;  and Lydia Lasilla for aerial skiing at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I've also organised and lectured for the past 7 years to Gifted & Talented senior students with my philosopher colleague from the UK at Oxford, Cambridge, and London, and in the major cities around Australia and NZ.

My Goals for Nicklin

As your representative I will be a peacemaker and a bridge builder - because on the left side of politics you have the Greens and the ALP, and on the right  you have the LNP and One Nation .... But they don't talk to each other!
What is needed is someone in the sensible centre who CAN talk to both sides ........ because let's be honest, ALL the parties have SOME good ideas and SOME decent people.   The Civil Liberties & Consumer Rights party stands in the sensible centre and we will be able to help negotiate the best outcomes for everyone.
I also promise to be honest and genuinely independent - I and my party do not accept political donations, and I would like to enshrine this prohibition in legislation for all political parties, because as we have seen time and time again from all sides of politics, corruption flourishes when wealthy individuals and corporations can buy favours and influence.
Specifically I want to ensure that we stop the proposed tolling of the motorway between Sunshine coast and Brisbane, and reduce our power bills by getting rid of middle-men electricity 'retailers' who take 30% of your power bill.
I will also do all in my power to stop the idiotic Adani coal mine which threatens our Great Barrier Reef and the 70,000 jobs it supports; and also end CSG mining in our important agricultural areas.
The awful scourges of pornography, gambling, drugs and domestic violence that are destroying the fabric of our society, are also key issues which I will make a priority, along with housing affordability and homelessness.
Other specific polices that Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights & No Tolls stand for are to:

  • Be Independent, Honest and Trustworthy – our party and candidates do not accept financial 'donations'.
  • Keep our Food & Water Safe - ban GMOs, and end Fluoridation of our water.
  • Stop Privatisation - end road Tolls, and keep roads, power, water and other essential services in public ownership.
  • Cut Politicians' Salaries & Perks – MPs get $200,000+ a year, while 1.8 million workers earn <  $40,000 a year and 3 million pensioners get <  $25,000 a year.
  • Improve Public Health – include complementary medicine (acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, Reiki, etc) in public health services.
  • De-centralise power – give local communities control over
  • developments (mines, shopping centres, etc.)
  • Protect our Civil Liberties - right to free speech and right to refuse medication without discrimination.
  • Encourage Small Business and Enterprise – cut red tape and reduce small business costs.
  • Strengthen Animal Welfare - adopt RSPCA's model Animal Care and Protection Act, to end animal cruelty, phase out live animal exports and end battery caged egg production.
  • Preserve wilderness areas and wildlife habitats. Reduce carbon emissions by planting millions of trees to provide both a valuable renewable resource and revitalise our timber industries – NOT by charging a carbon tax!
  • Get Rid of HECS – stop putting our young people into huge debts before they even have a job!
  • Replace Income Tax with a Bank Debit Tax – reduce tax for ordinary workers and capture tax avoiders.

So please,  vote for the sensible centre – vote 1 for Jeffrey Hodges;  Vote 1 for No Tolls ..... and keep toll roads out of the Sunshine Coast.
..... and if you don't want to give me a # '1' – please, may I have your second preference!


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Jeffrey Hodges, Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights, No-Tolls :
Flaxton Mill Road, Flaxton
Jeffrey Hodges, Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights, No-Tolls
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