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Sunshine Coast Business and Organisation Directory

This area has many business categories, if the search does not work for you the first time, just go directly to "Sunshine Coast Business & Organisations" and find the 'type' of business you were looking for.  We are trying to make this the ultimate Sunshine Coast Easy Find Directory, and try to have as much up to date information as possible, this can be difficult though as you can imagine as people are very happy to spread the word when they start a new business, though not so happy to let you know when maybe they close the doors.  If you find a business that is no longer active, please always let us know. 

The Business at the top of the page with a thumbnail graphic in any category is a 'Premium' listing.  This goes to a full page display for the business, including all business details, web contacts, photo gallery and more.  If your business wants a Premium Upgrade just contact the lovely Leone in Sales.

Note that if you are a Non Profit organisation or charity based here on the Coast, we also give you a full page display, though for free as our sponsorship of your organisation, so if you are interested in receiving this online support, please contact Noely who handles all the Community Aspects of the site or visit this page for more information "Community Site Sponsorship Support Initiative".

Sunshine Coast Events

We have a heap of events here on the Sunshine Coast.  Our "Sunshine Coast Events" area is one of the most popular onsite.  The little blue ones are the free listings and the ones on the top of each page are the upgraded ones.  Some of these are Commercial (if you have a Premium business upgrade onsite with us, your events are automatically upgraded to full page display), the other upgraded events are mostly for non profit or charity groups such as sporting groups, community festivals etc.  If we are missing your event, please just fill out the "Events Form" to submit it to us.

Sunshine Coast News & Articles

This is an amalgamation of Press Releases from Federal, State or Local Government that affect us here on the coast, they may also be from various community organisations or business.  Each article is uploaded in the order or receipt, and NEVER edited.  We do not believe in editing any articles we receive, to slant the view or present these news items with any particular bias or hype.  What you see on these page "Sunshine Coast Community News" is exactly what has come from the 'horses mouth', it is our company policy to display full text information in the interest of the visitor.  This area is still being developed and soon you will be able to search the articles by 'type'.   Please note, we will not put up any articles from Commercial concerns that are of a purely self promotional nature and of little value to the community in general.

Sunshine Coast Employment

This area is still on the old database, though will be upgraded shortly and even more interactive for both the visitor and the job advertiser.  In our 'Sunshine Coast Employment' area, we endeavour to make this open to any employment company that has a Premium listing with us, they receive a log in to upload their jobs, other advertisers with us can also have access this area.

Sunshine Coast Real Estate

This is rather a large and very popular area of the site, it is still on the old database, though in conjuction with the Real Online Software will be upgraded very shortly and be even better for our advertisers, both those with a Premium Listing, and the one-off Private Vendors.  If you are a Real Estate agent on the Sunshine Coast you really should do your vendors a favour and make sure that you have their property listed with us.  Sunshine Coast Real Estate comprises the following:

Who are the My Sunshine Coast Crew

We are a family owned & operated business based here on the Sunshine Coast between Maroochydore and Noosa.  We are a very modern business with old fashioned business ethics who believe in giving back to the community, and NEVER taking advantage of the average persons IT ignorance.  At the moment our staffing levels are as follows:

Stephen - Manager, Programmer and sometimes Sales, the ultimate tech who confuses us all, but is a great coder!
Noely - Community and Non Profit area, moral police in the office, owner in partnership with Pat
Pat - Noely's mum, other owner, who handles accounts, and shakes her head in exasperation at the rest of us LOL!
Leone - Small Business Sales & Support, the life of every party and our office
Kirsty - Small Business Sales & Support, works alongside Leone and a relatively new addition to the office
Celine - 'The Apprentice', (School based apprenticeship) The Charity Chick Offsider, great assistance & really sharp girl.
Many others... - We have many people who kindly donate their time to assist us in keeping data up to date & we really appreciate them :)

Honorable Mentions to Mark, Caitlin & Gerry.  Mark helps do the 'prep' work in the mountains of email that we get for which Noely & Leone are very grateful.  He gives of his time every week when he is on the coast freely, and it is greatly appreciated.  Caitlin is Stephen & Noely's daughter who is a sometimes helper in school holidays (though always expects to get paid, teenagers UGH!), though did design our logo way back in 2002 for us.  Gerry, Pats husband & Noely's father was one of the driving forces behind this site, he turned it from a dinky little 'mums' site with school holiday stuff and sporting organisations, to the monster you see today.  He has since passed away and it is one of our biggest regrets that he did not live to see this upgrade and many of the other enhancements that we always talked about implementing.  He was proof positive that it didn't matter how old you were and your lack of knowledge, computers and the internet were not that scary to the beginner, though he did always call an email address and 'email number' to his dying day!  Great bloke who is seriously missed both as a family member, and for his invaluable input into this company.

Many other community members help and support us here with My Sunshine Coast, way too many to mention, though all truly appreciated!

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My Sunshine Coast :
PO Box 38, Cotton Tree Qld 4558, Sunshine Coast Wide
07 5447 1763
My Sunshine Coast
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