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MSC Premium Listing Referrals

MSC Member Benefits, how you can get more categories to advertise in for FREE!

Just one of our 'Times are Tough' Free bonuses we are offering our 'Premium' Business Advertisers...

Every Premium listing business onsite has an id number. Recently one of our clients, who like you, has a Premium Listing advised us that she was so happy with the results she was receiving, that she wanted to send an email to all her friends and colleagues telling them that they needed a Premium Listing too! We have also had other clients who really wanted a Triple Bonus Premium Listing as they had 3 categories they wanted to advertise in, though being nervous in these economic times decided they would stick with just the one as a cheaper option in case the economy got worse.

For every single new client that you refer and signs up with, you will receive the massive benefit of a FREE Premium Listing in another relevant category of your choice, so essentially you will be getting $324.50 worth of value per person who signs up*. It is the least we can do, not bad huh?

We are all Sunshine Coast people doing business with Sunshine Coast people, so let's spread the word !

The MSC Referral Programme is a Win Win for everyone. More Advertising Exposure for you! More visitors to our site are good for you as an advertiser, but cost us a lot of money in server resources, we obviously don't want to have to put the prices up on our advertising, so you are also helping us to help more people without the added advertising costs.

As many of your may already know, affiliate programmes and the like are very popular on the net. Unless you have full control over your own website they can be difficult to control and ensure that you actually receive your funds, chasing up accounts, worrying about techy stuff... If you advertise on the Internet but don't actually have a website then they are pretty useless to you. Therefore we have decided to keep it simple!

For every Business that you refer to us and they actually pay for a Premium Listing, you will get an extra category to advertise your business in for FREE!

It is that simple. Every business on our site has an ID Number, if you are not sure what you ID number is just phone us or email us on and we are happy to let you know.

To ensure that you do receive your bonus of a free category, make sure you comply with the below:

1. The business you refer to us MUST quote your company name and ID Number: This is very important as it is the only way we know that it can be applied to you. Therefore if they email us directly they must quote that, or if they decide to use our form onsite to order a Premium Listing (this is often the best way as we get all info needed then), in the 'Referral Box' they MUST quote your company name & ID Number.

2. Once your referral has paid and been upgraded we will email you advising this. We will also let you know what other free listing categories you are in and you can then advise us which one you would like your extra complimentary upgrade to occur in.

3. You extra bonus category will be live for the period of the referees premium listing whilst you maintain your advertising with us. Ie. If you have 6 months left on your own advertising, your bonus category will be live for that 6 months, though, if you renew your advertising, then your free category will still be live for another 6 months so that you get the benefit of the 12 month advertising that your referral paid for.

4. Bonus categories will not be allocated after the fact. For example, if you happen to notice that one of your mates or business associates onsite has upgraded to a Premium Listing but he didn't quote you, we will not retroactively apply that bonus, so make sure that they do quote your company and ID Number.

5. Your extra category that you receive has to be exactly the same information and graphics that you have on your existing paid for Premium Listing, they cannot be different. Though having said that, if you wish to add additional information to your existing premium listing to reflect your additional free category, that is not a problem, and this amended info will be applied to both your upgraded listings.

6. You extra free category will only be valid for one year (even if your associate does advertise longer). You will of course be allowed to take advantage of any special packages we may have like the Triple Bonus Premium rates when it comes time to renew should you choose to keep that extra category.

7. If you have a lot of associates and do a lot of referrals and there are no more particular categories onsite that you wish to upgrade in, no problem, we will still reward you, the lovely Leone in sales will be happy to organize something for you, feature as business in focus on Coast News (valued at $365 per issue), or maybe some front page exposure, or if you are a big referrer, she may suggest you actually join our 'Reseller Programme' details of which are available on request.

8. Extra bonus categories you are eligible for by referring are not transferable, nor are they redeemable for cash. If you are unsure of these conditions please contact the office for further clarification.

Of course if you are unsure about any of the above, unsure how this can help your business, or just need a few ideas on how to maximise your advertising onsite, give Leone a call or email on and she will be only too happy to help as many of our other satisfied advertisers can attest to :)

If the above is not suitable for you, maybe you can take advantage of our other MSC Premium Member Benefits...

Unlimited Specials & Offers

Previously your Premium Business upgrade only allowed you to have one of each of the following: 1 employment ad valued at $79.95, 1 current event ad valued at $79.95, 1 current special at $79.95. Now that we have finished our upgrade, we are opening up all our areas to our Premium listed businesses. Visit 'MSC Premium Member Unlimited Site Access' for more information...

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