Pay your Advertising 'By The Month' - One Slice at a Time! is Sunshine Coast's largest and most effective business advertising directory, since 2002.

Everyone knows that you have to advertise your business, and gone are the days of 'print advertising!'  The number of people who use the Yellow Pages print directory less than once a month or don't use it all has increased by 61% between 2002 and 2009. Roy Morgan Single Source Australia: December 2002 -- 2009.

98% of Australia's active internet users, have home broadband access. (The Australian Internet and Technology report 2009-2010 ) and a massive 91.4% said they search the Internet when looking for a business. Source: Coredata May 2009 are ranked extremely highly in Google for most 'Sunshine Coast' searches (often 1st & 2nd) - in fact that is probably how you found us, so our website is being found by visitors looking for your goods & services and you're not there!  If you are advertising freely with us, consider all of your options, as for a very small monthly fee you could really make your advertising work.

We know it is all about preserving your cash flow and getting clients, particularly in the current economic climate.  So for the 1st time since 2002, are now offering PAY BY THE MONTH affordable advertising that works.

Using our range of flexible advertising options (from as low as only $59.95 per month) your business can develop a strong online presence and more importantly, cost effectively connect with customers on the Sunshine Coast.

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"Pay By The Month" - A sweet deal for you!

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Straight up in a nutshell, for as little as $59.95 per month (much cheaper than a website, but just as effective) for the whole year you get:

  • 3 full webpage Premium Listing profiles including images, logos etc that are ranked very highly in Google (remember we are ranked 1st for most Sunshine Coast searches), so customers can actually find you.
  •  Your own domain name (ie so you can use this to actively promote your business
  • We do all the work, from creating the webpage to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), at no extra cost.
  • You will be assigned your own Business Marketing Manager to walk you through the whole process, offer advice and be available to you for the entire year (only if you want it!)
  •  and yes, it really is only $59.95 per month
  • UNLIMITED access to 'MSC Extras' on site such as 'Coast Deals & Specials', 'Sunshine Coast Events', 'Sunshine Coast Employment', or 'Sunshine Coast Real Estate'." Value, priceless!

If you are not sure how your Business can benefit from the above "Pay By The Month option, have extra questions, or even just need some ideas on how you can use all aspects of our site to get the best Bang for your Buck with our online advertising, just contact Leone or Kirsty in Sales and they will be only too happy to help you out (obligation free of course).