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Times are Tough! And may be getting tougher in the near future, and we don't want any of our Sunshine Coast Businesses going down the Toilet :(  
You can't go one day without seeing more economic drama in the news and this has a twofold effect for everyone.  

A. Customers are wary of spending money on any services or goods.
B. If they do need to purchase goods or services, they research it carefully before they make any decisions.

We fully understand the nervousness people have in relation to spending any money at the moment so have come up with a few initiatives to help you, our Premium Listed Business Advertisers to gain more attention in regard to those customers who are researching their potential spending option on the internet. These will not cost you any extra money, you have already paid to be a member of our site when you paid for your advertising with us, it is just a way we are hoping to help spread your advertising dollar that bit further:

1. Business Premium Listing Referrals

Every Premium listing business onsite has an id number. Recently one of our clients, who like you, has a Premium Listing advised us that she was so happy with the results she was receiving, that she wanted to send an email to all her friends and colleagues telling them that they needed a Premium Listing too! We have also had other clients who really wanted a Triple Bonus Premium Listing as they had 3 categories they wanted to advertise in, though being nervous in these economic times decided they would stick with just the one as a cheaper option in case the economy got worse.  

For every single new client that you refer and signs up with, you will receive the massive benefit of a FREE Premium Listingin another relevant category of your choice, so essentially you will be getting $324.50 worth of value per person who signs up*. It is the least we can do, not bad huh?

Read more about this programme here, it will be worth your while!  'Business Premium Listing Referrals'

2. Unlimited Specials & Offers

Previously your Premium Business upgrade only allowed you to have one of each of the following: 1 employment ad valued at $79.95, 1 current event ad valued at $79.95, 1 current special at $79.95. Now that we have finished our upgrade, we are opening up all our areas to our Premium listed businesses.  This means unlimited access and use of the below, full details on the 'MSC Premium Member Unlimited Site Access' page:

Sunshine Coast Deals & Specials: This is great for Retail or Service based industries. From today you can have as many Specials as you wish. We suggest for search engine optimization that you at least leave your special online for a month, though longer is better.  Read more about how to submit a 'Sunshine Coast Specials'...

Sunshine Coast EventsOurevents section is very popular onsite, and if you are an entertainment or hospitality style business you can really take advantage of this area. Basically any 'special' event you have, maybe a fundraiser, regular degustation dinner, gigs or even seminars or workshops, these can all be entered free of charge.  Find out how to submit your 'Sunshine Coast Events' here...

Sunshine Coast Employment:  Again, 'Employment' is a very popular area onsite, obviously if you are a Sunshine Coast Employment Company or Recruiter this is a massive benefit to you as you can upload as many of your Employment vacancies as you wish.  Visit 'Sunshine Coast Premium Employment' now to get more information on how you can use this area...

Sunshine Coast Real Estate:  Not only for Real Estate Business, Commercial Brokers etc.  is the Sunshine Coast Real Estate area onsite invaluable.  As a Premium member of our site you can upload as many of your listings as you like.  OurReal Estate area covers the following Sunshine Coast Property for Sale, Upcoming Auctions, Open for Inspection, Sunshine Coast Land for Sale, Sunshine Coast Business for Sale, Sunshine Coast Rental Property, Sunshine Coast Holiday Accommodation.  Visit the  'Sunshine Coast Premium Real Estate' page to find out how to get your log in access....

Sunshine Coast News:  This is an area we don't normally open up to Commercial entities, so please be aware that we will only upload your information to Sunshine Coast News if your press release is actually informative for our visitors.  Visit 'Sunshine Coast Premium News' for more information on how you can utilise this area...

DON'T FORGET COAST NEWS GIVEAWAYSAs most of your would know our regular newsletter always have giveaways in it. This is a very popular area with hundreds and hundreds of entries for every giveaway. As we always mention the giveaway in a minimum of 2 newsletters and also on the front page of our website this is also a massive extra boost in exposure for your business.  Visit 'Sunshine Coast Giveaways' for further information on how and what is required to participate in area...

We are very confident that by using or participating in one or more of the above, you will be able to increase your online presence with us and our over 95,000 visitors per month which can only help in these times.  If you are unsure about any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact us, Leone will be only too happy to discuss your options and how we can assist you further.  This is all free remember, and and part of your package for being a 'Premium' member onsite, so take advantage of it!  Contact Leone today!

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