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nothing to lose cup of coffee sponsorship first tier sponsorship most popular sponsorship
Pay by the month * $0 $6.17 $39.90 / month $79.80 / month
Price Per Annum $0 $61.70 $399 $798
Profile Pages none none 1 3
Email included limited
Business Description
Photo Gallery
Priority Placement
Your Website Link
Quick Web URL
Top Priority*
Feature Banner*
Newsletter Inclusion upon request**
Articles 1 p/a unlimited
Events 1 p/a unlimited
Specials without links without links

All prices include GST

* First invoice includes two months, followed by monthly invoices thereafter. This allows your account to always be at least 1 month in advance.
** Newsletter inclusion is at discretion of My Sunshine Coast only

Please note, as a bonus, where possible and applicable we will always try to disseminate any information we receive from our sponsored advertisers (events, news, specials etc) through our extensive social media networks.

Are you a Communications or Public Relations specialist with clients on the Sunshine Coast?

Please contact us as we have a special package just for you that ensure you stay in control with your particular clients message and branding.


Category Sponsor

If you would like your listing to have top priority in a particular cateogry or have a feature banner on a particular category then the Category Sponsorship is for you. From $1250 per year (or from $125 per month) you are entitled to all of the above and more.

If you would like to know more about our highest valued, most bang for your buck, sponsorship package please don't hesitate to shoot an email to us at business@mysunshinecoast.com.au

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Real Estate

Real Estate Agencies & Business Brokers must have a minimum of Premium Listing sponsorship with us per branch to have access to upload their listings, see "Sunshine Coast Real Estate Agent Information" if you require further specific information on upload specifications etc. please contact Stephen (business@mysunshinecoast.com.au) who specialises in Real Estate software.

For Individual Home Owners or Business Owners who have a one off Sale they need to advertise, you can also advertise in this area for $199 incl. GST and your listing will be live for a period of 3 months, if you require further information please "contact us"

Sponsorhip definitions explained

Profile Pages - Full web-page profile,includes your business description, 9 images and yourcompany logo

Email included - email link direct to youremail address

Tagline - 1 line description of yourbusiness, to entice clients on category pages to view yourprofile and contact you!

Business Description - up to 500 wordsabout your business, of your choice

Photo Gallery - up to 9 images, includingyour company logo, of your choice

Priority Placement - get noticed at thetop of your category (but remember 1st in is best dressed),highlighted above all free listings

Your Website Link - direct link throughfrom our website to your website to make sure your websitegets found.

QuickWeb URL - your own web page name e.gyourbusinessname.mysunshinecoast.com.au

Top Priority - Your business profilebanner featured at the top of every single page in thecategory of your choice

Feature Banner - your business profilebanner featured exclusively at the top of your chosencategory

Newsletter Ad - Advertisement in ournewsletter that goes out to the entire database - * veryexclusive!

Articles - additional advertising areaonsite for all of your news and press releases etc

Events - additional advertising areaonsite for all of your events, timetables etc

Specials - additional advertising area forall your promotions, specials and / or deals etc