MSC Community Support Initiative

Basically our "Community Support Initiative" means that any charity, non profit, community organisation (as long as you don't make a profit), and are registered, get sponsorship from My Sunshine Coast Life in the form of our onsite for Promotional Services Costs waived as sponsorship for your organisation or fund raising event...

Please note that we only consider organisations that Do NOT charge Fees for services or earn money to be eligible for onsite sponsorship with us. There are some organisations that may charge fees though are listed as 'non-profit', (Chambers of Commerce, Business Networks, Entertainment entities, Private Schools and the likes), that can be elligible considering circumstances for a semi form of advertising sponsorship from us. The normal example of this is for the organisation to pay for a Premium Upgrade, but get all categories upgraded (not just the one), and all events etc listed (not just the one) etc... 

We do this in a number of areas:

1. The Organisation Listing:
We list your organisation as a full page write-up in the Categories you belong in, exactly the same as what a business would pay for. We do not give a lesser presentation to a sponsored listing. This means you have an all year round presence and can be accessed at anytime with your details or any contact going straight back to you.

For this we will need the following:
a. Your full contact details, phone, address, email, website etc...
b. Your Logo
c. 4 or 5 graphics (pictures)

If you are unsure as to what we mean, please click on any of the organisations or businesses onsite that are at the top of their category listings and include a thumbnail graphic on the initial listing.

If you do have a website, and would like me to take any of the information or graphics off that, it is easy to do, just point me in the right direction as to what you would like me to use from there. As this is valuable advertising, a business pays $399 per year per to have this, and most organisations are listed in 3 categories on average, this is normally on average $798 per year in sponsorship we are giving (not including Event listings which adds more), and all we ask in return for this support of your organisation, is that if you have a website, that you ensure that you link back to us here at (many people just put us on their "links page", or as "sponsors"), please also be aware that to put up an event onsite would also be $99 per event, so when you put these things together this is quite a bit of sponsorship :)

2. Events:
Our Events Calendar is probably one of the most popular areas onsite. People look over 3 months in advance onsite, therefore it is is important that any events you have are onsite and upgraded as early as possible.

The Event can be small or large, it is still important.

For an Event we need the following:
a. Dates & Contact Details for more information
b. Where the Event is being held
c. Full Write up of what is happening
d. At least one Graphic, though more if you have it available (to really entice people to attend)

Again, if you are unsure how this is presented, please just go to the Events Calendar and click on any of the top events that are coloured and have a thumbnail graphic to see what style of information is required to upgrade your event. The value of this advertising is $59.95 per event for the life of the event. View the Sunshine Coast Events Calendar.

3. Community Noticeboard:
This area is strictly for Non Profit Organisations to put up notices. These notices range from "Calls for Volunteers", "Brag Notices", to "news items of interest". The information required is quite simple, just the notice itself and at least one graphic, you have obviously looked at this area onsite so I will not go into to much detail here. You cannot pay to be in this area, and must fit in this category to have your release included. View our Sunshine Coast News.

4. Newsletter:
We have a newsletter that goes out every month. We ALWAYS feature one "organisation in focus", so once your organisation is upgraded onsite, if you do have anything coming up, membership drive etc and need to raise your profile a tad, let me know and I can always make sure you are the feature then. I also include one Community Notice in the Newsletter as well, so again, if you are ever in need, please just let me know. The minimum advertising cost on our newsletter is $365 to be included per newsletter, again, this can be very valuable sponsorship for you. If you haven't already join our Sunshine Coast Newsletter today.

We have various other features onsite, at particular times of the year, like "What to do at Christmas", so it is a good idea to always let me know what is happening with your Organisation, as you never know, it may fit into what we are doing onsite, and sometimes what you think is not of particular interest, is to others who are reading.

We take our Community Support very seriously (not just paying lip service) as you can see from the costs above that Commericial Businesses would pay for exactly the same style of presentation, the average organisation on the Sunshine Coast would receive over $1000 per year in Advertising Sponsorship from us. With over 80,000 visitors per month, and over 35,000 search terms in the likes of Google, and both statistics growing every single month, this is very valuable sponsorship and proves how seriously we take support our Community.

5. Community Site Advertising Sponsorship Web Link Back details:

With Organisation Listings we only include your link to your website if you include a link back to us on your website. Due to the value of a Premium Listing per year, we request that link be a 'full' link back display including logo, see below:


Title: My Sunshine Coast Life URL:
Description: My Sunshine Coast Life is for all of us that Work, Live and Play here on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast, generously sponsoring the local Sunshine Coast Community with 'Community News', Organisation Listings, a comprehensive 'Events Calendar' and more...

For an Advanced Listing as this is a lesser display option and below Premium Listings, we request that you include a standard text link back to us as a minimum. ie:

Many people just put us in as "links", "sponsors", or "Community Information".

You will also need to be on our "Coast News" which goes out every month, this way we can always verify that your email is active and of course advise you should there be an issue with your email address at a future date.

We are of course happy to upgrade your organisation and any other services we have onsite that could be useful to you. If you have any questions at all, or are unsure in regard to any of the above, please just email me or phone on the number below :)

I hope this information has assisted you and if we can help you and your organisation please contact us.

Kind regards,
Charity, Non Profit, Community Site Coordinator

Email Noely now for Assistance