Einstein Knows Best

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Einstein Knows Best  


The greatest thinker the world has ever seen, Einstein said 'The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don't know how or why.' The fact that Einstein says its OK is usually enough to get people listening.


Intuition used to be considered an impediment to logical thinking. Rarely was it used without the prefix 'female', and frequently had no place in the rational, hard-headed world of business or medicine.


Now it is being embraced - and not just by women.  Health practitioners and doctors are amongst the growing number of people who believe that intuition can make an important contribution to a more decisive diagnosis. By refining and enhancing your intuitive skills you can achieve superior healing rates using "Super Intuition", says Jajko, creating significantly more accurate diagnostic readings for a range of chronic and life threatening conditions.


Bob Jajko; a Visionary, Futurist, Transformational Mentor and Modern Medical Alchemist, is an expert in the field of Energy Medicine and Intuitive Development with an innate ability to find the cause of health conditions and give specific advice on the remedies that can only be described as amazing.


Through his organization, New Vision Institute - Jajko has developed the only

Professional competency-based, distance-learning courses in Medical Intuition, Intuitive Healing, Remote Healing and Medical Alchemy, available in Australia.


Since the inception of the New Vision Institute in 1997, hundreds of Medical and Complimentary Health Practitioners have refined and advanced their skills through the Institute.


But what if you're not an intuitive person? According to one of Australia's leading authorities on the subject, there's no such thing. Bob Jajko believes that each of us can access the power of intuition and build it for practical use, both in every day life for achieving long term goals, and professionally, as in a business or a health practice  As director of New Vision Institute (www.newvisioninstitute.com), he is busy taking that message to individuals, practitioners and businesses of all sizes.


"Intuition is an innate skill for survival - knowing stuff that you don't have enough information about," he says. "For instance, if you have a feeling that someone you meet for the first time is not telling the truth, you're probably right. If you happen to be interviewing them for a job that feeling could help you avert a significant mistake."


Most of us have had at least one experience of a meaningful 'gut feeling', so why are we so quick to deny our power? According to Jajko, most of us have learned to suppress our intuition, either because we're not sure how to interpret it, because we find it hard to trust ourselves, or because it is throwing up things that make us uncomfortable. He sees that as a waste of a very valuable resource.


Jajko explores the assessment, functional and energetic cause and effect of disease, and application of Super Intuition in reading physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual conditions at a complimentary evening on the 6th of July at the Landmark Resort, The Esplanade Mooloolaba from 7.00pm to 8.30pm in association with the Asher Institute www.asherinstitute.net



Getting the 'aha' experience


  • Intuition doesn't work when you're stressed. Create a space to move outside yourself - you need time and space to listen to your heart. Meditation is perfect.


  • Learn your own language of intuition. You could receive your messages as feelings, a thought in words or pictures, or metaphorically, as in a dream.



  • Don't throw away analytical thinking, the two work together. In his book Intuition at Work: Why Developing Your Gut Instincts Will Make You Better at What You Do, Gary Klein says that honing your analytical skills can only make applying your intuition more effective. The more complex and uncertain the task at hand, the harder it is to use intuition alone.


  • Keep a record of your intuitive thoughts whether you acted on them or not. Seeing how often you were right will help build your confidence.  As Benjamin Spock once said, trust yourself - you know more than you think.



A series of events lead me to enrol in Bob Jajko's Medical Intuition, level one course, at that stage: held as a week-end workshop. As a "left-brained" medical practitioner, I was so minimally aware of my intuition and its application and involvement in my everyday life. The experience became significant in my beginning on a path that has opened my eyes to a totally different perspective in all aspects of my life and the lives around me. My progress through the course is inevitable, but for me, by choice, this progress is slow as I aim to integrate all that I can into my present life situation and the work I currently perform. Already my life directions have become clearer, positive and so different from my perspective one year ago. I am aware of my increasing ability to improve my own emotional and physical situation and those of others. I intend to increase this ability to help others improve their ability to heal themselves.

Bob's coaching has always been sensitive, encouraging, and enormously empowering. His flexibility in adjusting the course to my specific needs and requirements is incredible. I sincerely hope that more people take advantage of Bob's wonderful teaching skills to take their life to a different level.

Dr J.D.   -   Radiation Oncologist   -   Mosman Park: Western Australia


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