Full Moon Meditation

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  • Location: Bellara, Bribie Island 4507 Queensland

In this day & age we have many tools & techniques that enable us to become the Happy, Healthy Joyful & Prosperous person that we are meant to be…

Creative Visualization is a Powerful concept that once understood & used on a daily basis it can assist us to realize our true potential.

It is a marvelous technique that once mastered (by understanding how it works)  can bring about  many wonderful results..

Creative Visualization is the   technique of using your imagination to create what you need   in your life & to bring it into existence (manifestation). This is  something you are  doing anyway so why not  use it  consciously &  with a purpose in mind…We are all doing  it  everyday  but usually  on an unconscious level.. Because we have a lot of “stuff” in our subconscious then this tends to influence our conscious thoughts, feelings & eventually our actions.. If, due to our negative concepts we believe in “lack” then this is what we will create for our self mostly in an unconscious way.

You can learn to use your natural abilities to create (with your imagination) in a more conscious way, what you truly want /need in life.. In Creative Visualisation you use your mind to imagine a picture of what it is you want. Whether it’s satisfying relationships, fulfilling work, inner peace, joy, good health, prosperity or whatever your heart desires.. Then create a clear image of what you want & see it as actually happening already.. That it already exists NOW!   Then continue to focus on it on a daily basis (if you can’t see the picture then focus on the idea) giving it only a positive  feeling  that it has  already  manifested.& has .become a reality already in existence..


The best way of achieving this is by relaxing prior to the technique. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes & focus on the breath. Make them deep breaths at first & sighing any tension out on the out breath.. Once you have relaxed then breathe normally & begin to imagine your goal/s. Don’t TRY to do anything but let the pictures form.. Remember whatever you are feeling will create the manifestation. So keep it positive..

Your goal may focus on any level -Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  It could be you are looking for a new relationship; new home, new job or it could be you are searching for calmness & Serenity, improving your mind, resolving problems that have arisen.  With experience you will find the techniques that assist you most beneficially.. I offer my  CD series  on Relaxation/Creative Visualization/Meditation  which  have  just been created  by my  ability to manifest with Creative Visualization.. www.rutheedy.com (scroll down for further info)

For this technique to work it does not need you to believe in any particular philosophy, religion or idea.. The only thing that you need is the desire to gain further knowledge & experience in helping you attain a better way of life. Have an open mind to be willing to try something new in a positive way..

Creative Visualization allows you to understand the Spiritual Laws of the Universe –the natural laws that govern our world. Learn to use these principles to become a Happier, Healthy, Joyful, Prosperous “Human Being”   

Energy is constantly flowing in the Universe & this creates change. There is an abundance on this planet to meet everyone’s needs.. It just need to be shared around..  When we realize that receiving & giving create more abundance we will keep the flow going.. When you begin to realize that to “share” is something wonderful & helps you to attract back what you send out then life becomes even more enjoyable.. As we begin to allow ourselves to receive more good then we begin to appreciate what life has to offer & we will want to share this manifestation with others.. This is a natural evolvement of our way of life.. It becomes fun. Remember to give to oneself but also to others..

One of the main reasons we don’t receive is because of our lack of understanding the process of Creative visualization. When you take the viewpoint that the Universe is Abundant there is really no reason to maintain a program of “lack”. Get rid of the programming by focusing on the Wealth of Abundance that is there to attract to you..




Paddington personal development centre- Neo Reichian Psychotherapies with Peter Eedy (brother)
Psycho-Peristalsis Massages- Robin Lee from the Centre of Bio-Energy in London.
& Gerda Boysen (the lady who discovered Psycho peristalsis massages.)
Psychotherapies with Lara Andrews from the Radix Institute, California.
Natural Therapies with Dorothy Hall at the College of Natural Therapies.
Communication & Awareness – Ken Dyers at Kenja Communication.
Ruth moved to Queensland & continued her research & studies
Aura Soma & Aura Light /color Harmonics Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 with Aura Light, Australia.
EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique –Master Karl Dawson Level 1 & Level 2.

One of my most memorable manifestations is the way I live in a unit on the beach on an island.. a very peaceful  lifestyle  which is what  I  imagined for myself &  therefore  created it  accordingly..

Enhance Your Life :
3/87 Sylvan Beach Esplanade, Bellara, Bribie Island
0406 561 177
Enhance Your Life

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