House and Land Clearing Training

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  • Location: The Awakened Healing Space, Mapleton 4560 Queensland

House and Land Clearing Training

Date:  11&12th June 2016

Where:  Lift Gallery – 926 Maleny-Montville Road, Maleny (Balmoral) QLD 4560

Time:  10-4pm each day

Investment:  $350 per person

What to bring:   Comfortable clothes, walking shoes, pen and notepad.

Your Facilitators:  Kaatheryn Tempest & Denver Vidler

About the Training

House clearing and land clearing training is based on experiential information gathered over the years from being part of ceremonies to remove stagnant energies from properties.  The techniques in this training combines a variety of processes to effect dramatic change in the energetic vibration of an environment.

We combine sacred geometric principles, dowsing, etheric scanning, meditation and ceremonial customs in our teachings.   The training is experiential based.   We will be clearing 2 sites over the 2 days of this training so that you can get comfortable with the process.

Self clearing and group protection practices will be taught, so that you can confidently clear a site.

A small manual will be given detailing the process, so that you can continue to safely and effectively clear spaces.

In our experience, House and Land Clearing is an essential part of spiritual hygiene.  Homes and land imprint the energy of the people living in the space.  Over time, the energy can build up and if there has been major disturbances on the land or within the house, those energies can affect the living conditions of the current occupants or caretakers of the land and space.

Sometimes there are natural geopathic stress lines within the land that can cause some energetic disturbances for people and these lines can be energetically maintained.

Learning to clear land and homes and businesses is a valuable tool for anyone to learn.   In times past, the caretakers of the land would naturally clear energy, through ceremony and intention.  These days, in our busy modern world, and the over-influx of EMF’s EMR’s and other radiation plus the effects of stress and disconnection, we have forgotten the importance of practicing clearings on ourselves and on the space we inhabit.

When there are energetic disturbances, such as unusual phenomena happening within a house, business or the land, restorative healing practices are necessary to restore peace.

Some of the reasons people may seek house and land clearings are:

If they are experiencing unusual phenomena that is disturbing  to the individual or the family or to pets, if there are places on the property that feel compromised energetically, if thehome feels more like a battle ground than a sanctuary, if the business feels like it has become stale and employees are aggravated or the energy just feels heavy or dense, clearings are powerful ways to restore peace.

Indicators that a clearing  is need:

  • You have moved into a new home and the house feels unwelcoming
  • There has been a major illness in the household
  • There have been consistent heavy emotional arguments
  • Recreational drug use, alcohol abuse by the occupants or on the property
  • Constant feelings of confusion,  depression or fearfulness
  • Increased arguments that have no apparent cause.
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Energetic disturbances (lights going on and off, doors opening on their own, strange voices, noises that can’t be explained)
  • Unexplained drops in temperature in the home
  • Acrid smells in the home appear without a physical cause
  • Feeling uneasy in a particular room
  • You feel you are sharing your home with unseen energies
  • Loss of motivation and loss of joy around things you normally enjoy
  • Repetitive thoughts or feelings that are not your own
  • Children or adults seeing ‘shadow people’ or energetic beings

Please note that we share space with unseen energies every moment of the day, as we exist multi-dimensionally.  Sometimes, however, we are sharing space with energies that do not resonate at a high frequency, or energies that can see that we can help them move through the dimensional gateways if they have become stuck for some reason.

We are all energy vibrating at different frequencies (or sound waves).  Some frequencies we can see, some we can’t but we can certainly feel when something is not right in our environment.

Land and House Clearing Ceremonies are powerful ways to clear and energise a place.  The ceremonies are easy to perform and safe, due to the nature of the training.

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