Multidimensional Crystal Gridding Workshop

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  • Location: The Awakened Healing Space, Mapleton 4560 Queensland

Multidimensional Crystal Gridding Workshop 

Date:  May 21-22 2016. 

Place:  Lift Gallery, 926 Maleny Montville Road, Maleny (Balmoral) QLD 4552. 

Time:  10am – 4pm each day

Investment:  $350 plus additional expenses listed below.

This workshop has been designed to give the participant an understanding of the basic principles of sacred geometry and the art of crystal gridding.  Over the 2 days you will design and create your own powerful multidimensional crystal grid, which you will transport with you and assemble again at home.   The crystals will be adhered to the glass with double sided tape, so please make sure you bring a blankets so that you can transport your grid safely in your car.

There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.

What you will need:

  •  You will need to supply your own glass for this workshop. We use 12mm toughened pool fencing glass to create our grids.  A good size for a healing table arrangement is 400 x 1200m pool fencing. .If you require glass that is or smaller, Ikea have some cheap glass shelving that may be appropriate, however please check that the glass is toughened. glass is our preference for our grids because it can hold a lot of weight and if it is broken, it cracks in a web pattern instead of shattering.
  • You can choose to bring your own quartz gridding points or points can be supplied at cost by us.
  • Supply your own feature crystals for the grid, so if you have crystals at home that are just sitting around, bring them along and we can incorporate some of them into your grid.
  • A very good compass
  • Pencil, Ruler, T-Square, Sharp scissors
  • Clear Double Sided adhesive tape.  Woolworths have this in 6mm or 12mm widths.  We suggest the 6mm if possible.
  • Blankets to transport your grid.

We will Sell you at Cost:

  • The borosilicate glass tubes that go in between the layers of your grid.  (This is a specialist glass product that we purchase from overseas).
  • Quartz Gridding Points (if arranged with us prior to the workshop).

Multidimensional crystal grids are powerful tools for practitioners of any disciplines.  These grids can be custom designed for your particular business to enhance the healing quality of your space.   Grids are also very powerful structures to have in your home.  In our home we have grids set up constantly and are all involved in changing the structure of the grid, to assist with maintaining harmony in our household.

Grids create a tangible vibrational change in a space.   They actively create a vortex of healing energy (much like that of a torus field), a moving vortex of energy,  that is able to be programed and activated to assist in the clearing of old belief systems, old energy held within the energy bodies or cellular structure of a being on all levels, and to create a clear space for a being to effect their own self healing.

Grids are wonderful focal points for meditation groups and yoga groups.

Practitioners of all professions can create grids to suit their environment.  You may use any size tempered glass to create these grids.   Grids can be visual to the client or can be discretely placed under a healing table or chair, depending on your client base.

Regardless of where a grid is placed within a business or a home, the effects will be felt energetically throughout the entire property.

Not only are grids powerful but they are beautiful pieces of living art, which can be changed as required.

At present we have a multi dimensional crystal grid at the Lift Art Gallery at 926 Maleny-Montville Road, Balmoral QLD.  See our “Testimonials” tab and experience what Kim Kirkman, the co-owner of lift has to say about the changes the grid has made to his gallery and healing establishment.

About Multidimensional Crystal Grids

Crystals have a long history of mystic powers and healing properties. What most people don’t know is that the first radio sets used the natural vibration and resonance of crystals to tune into the transmitted signals. So from a far people could listen to their favourite music or news bulletin.

Today the vibrations of crystals are used in many electronic communication devices and precision instrumentation like Atomic Clocks that use quartz crystal as the resonator to hold perfect time.

Multidimensional Crystal Grids create a powerful vortex of energy using the principles of sacred geometry combined with the healing and amplifying energy of crystals.

Each layer of the multidimensional grid holds a specific energetic signature, based upon the geometric forms created and the type of crystal used in the grid.

The grid layers energetically interpenetrate each other, in a harmonic sequence creating an energetic vortex or portal that vibrates various frequency waves into the multi-verse, reaching deep into the earthly 1st and 2nd dimensions, our human 3rd dimension and then into the energetic dimensions 4th , 5th and beyond.

The creators of these multi – dimensional portals, Denver Vidler and Kaatheryn Tempest design the grids intuitively and then use technology to create the specific angles of the geometry and the dynamics of the layering to produce a highly effective visual grid, which is aesthetically beautiful and energetically powerful.

Each of the sacred geometric symbols contained within the grid are intentional and create a particular story or vibration.

Sacred geometry is a language of light. It is a language of creation.

All form is birthed from the tantric interweaving of varying geometric shapes and vibrations.

In the study of Science, Sub Atomic particles are believed to be vortices of energy that energetically create Atoms. These atoms are the building blocks of our world solid, liquid and gas. They bond in particular ways and some are specifically called geometric isomers that then create molecules and so on.

Our DNA is an isomer and commonly known as a double spiral helix. Science now has identified triple spiral DNA and now know that light, vibrations and other chemicals can change its structure. Luxemburg University has amazingly identified the exact amount of salt that will actually change the direction of the DNA Helix.

So knowing through science discoveries and most importantly, our own internal awareness we can combine sacred geometry with quartz crystal, we then can build intelligent structures and/or portals, which can be programmed to heal, balance and harmonise any situation or environment.

Quartz crystal is known as the “King” of all crystals for its ability to store and transmit energy, the power of it is neither solid nor liquid nor gas.

Multidimensional gridding can be used in any environment to assist in clearing energy, creating a peaceful and harmonious environment, are beautiful art pieces in corporate foyers, art galleries, at weddings and in the home.

Traditionally gridding has been done 2 dimensionally, by laying stones on a single layered surface.   These 2 dimensional grids are very powerful in themselves at transmitting and receiving energy

Recently at the Awakened Healing Space, we have received specific information and instructions from the our sovereign spirit core regarding the importance of creating multi-layered or what we term a multidimensional crystal grid.

There is a vast energetic difference between 2D gridding and multi dimensional crystal gridding.    The multi dimensional grid is created within a 3D environment, however, it is multi dimensional in nature, as we can see the interweaving of the different layers of the grid reflected within each level through the glass.  This interweaving of energy and aspects is a wonderful tool to train the brain to understand the multi dimensional nature of the universe.

Multidimensional Crystal Grids are a new way of accessing the energy of the multi verse within ourselves and within our environment.

Grids can be custom made to your specifications or can be created by the team at the Awakened Healing Space for any purpose that supports love and sovereignty.   They are excellent to set up for gatherings, meditations, celebrations, art gallery installations, corporate offices, healing centres, sound healings, retreats, in the home and many other places.

The grids can be any size and can have as many layers to them as required.    Traditionally we use quartz crystals as quartz is the king of all crystalline structures on the planet.   It is in all of our modern technology.  Quartz can be programed, stores information, transmits information and amplifies the vibration of other crystalline structures.  Geometrically quartz is very stable hexagonal structure and communicates multi dimensionally like a beacon or transmitter.

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