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Headline: GetUp faces conservative challenger 

Did you see the front page headline of The Australian yesterday? 

A group of wealthy arch-conservatives just set up a new organisation to counter the people power of GetUp members.1 Their goal is to reach 1 million members and have people at polling booths right next to GetUp members.2 

The new group is out to defend tax loopholes for the wealthy and protect hard right, coal-backing politicians like Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott from our grassroots campaigns.3 

But last night I was with more than 600 everyday people at a 'barnstorm' in Tony Abbott's seat of Warringah who want to get his extreme right politics out of our Parliament for good.4 

They weren't a privileged few — they were from all walks of life. Teachers, nurses, students, pensioners and professionals. They want more renewable energy, action on climate change, the kids off Nauru and a fairer, more equal society. 

This new anti-GetUp group may throw its money around, spending big on TV ads and more to counter our grassroots power. But after experiencing what GetUp members did in Wentworth, and seeing what I saw in Warringah last night, I know we can move mountains. 

If all of us chip in together, we can power the door-knocking, phone calling, billboards, edgy posters and ads to take on Abbott, Dutton and the hard right — and win. 

Can you chip in $12 to match the wealth of the 1% with the power of everyday people? 

Eric Abetz gave a hysterical speech in the Senate last week, talking about protecting the "delicate flower" of democracy from the "sinister" forces at GetUp. (You can't make this up). 

Now Liberal MP Ben Morton is actually coming to GetUp offices tomorrow to inspect our corporate books — looking for these "sinister" forces. 

If they really want to know who runs GetUp, all they have to do is walk down the street and talk to people. People who are fed up with musical chair prime ministers and a politics driven by egos and personal ambition instead of the best interests of ordinary people. People who want real action on climate change and a rapid and just transition to clean, affordable renewable energy. 

That's who powers GetUp day in and day out. That's who signs the petitions, writes to their MP, gets on the phone, turns out in the streets — and yes, that's who funds everything we do together. 

Show Abetz and friends who runs GetUp today, by chipping in $12 to take on the extreme right in our politics. 

The new anti-GetUp group is backed by the director of a right-wing think tank, the president of a group accused of seeking "to foment fear and hatred" against Muslims and a man who called global warming a "scientific delusion", hates wind farms and wants cuts to the minimum wage, penalty rates and working conditions.5,6,7,8 

Together, their net worth is tens of millions of dollars, if not more.9 They have big money, but we can do so much more with people-power, if we can all chip in together to fund:
  • Door-to-door. The biggest decentralised door-knocking effort Australia has ever seen, including printing walk sheets, arranging transport and providing food and drinks for volunteers.
  • Persuasive Calls. More than 200,000 calls into Warringah and Dickson — we want to speak to every single voter in Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton's electorates.
  • High impact advertising. Billboards in prime locations, ads in local papers delivered to every household, and targeted digital advertising.
  • Being everywhere people look. Flyering and postering at local bus, train and ferry stations, and local shops and cafes.
Can you chip in $12 to match their 1% money with real grassroots people-power? 

Thanks for making GetUp what it is, 
Django, for the GetUp team 

PS - There's another way Abetz and company can learn what GetUp is all about. 3,348 GetUp members funded full-page ads featuring our Statement of Independence today in The Sydney Morning Herald (page 9) and The Age (page 11) and nationally in The Saturday Paper this Saturday. Please check them out too and show the statement to your friends. 

PPS - They'll be a story on the new anti-GetUp group 'Advance Australia' and how GetUp members are up for the challenge either tonight or tomorrow night on ABC's 7.30 — be sure to watch. 

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