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Andrew Bolt's latest climate change headline: "Warming is Good for Us."1

Tell that to the firefighters risking their lives, the families who've lost loved ones and those picking through the rubble of their homes and cherished memories.

Bolt even distorted the words of a climate scientist to make his outlandish claim.2 It's just the latest instance of climate denial and misinformation spewing from the Murdoch Press.

As bushfires still rage and our rivers run dry, the Murdoch Press continues to block the climate solutions that can help keep us safe. But we have a plan to take them on by calling out the big advertisers they rely on to stay in print.

Can you chip in $12 to help put an end to climate denial in the Murdoch Press?

Or first read more below about our campaign to take on the Murdoch Press.


The Murdoch Press has had a bad week getting called out for their support of climate denial.

It's been everyone from The New York Times3 to Rupert Murdoch's own son4. But left unchecked, they'll continue pushing us towards a future where every summer is ravaged by fires and our kids can only find koalas in school books.

So we have a plan. The Australian is the local Murdoch Press flagship for platforming climate denial. Like all papers, it relies heavily on advertising.

So we need to call out their big advertisers for propping up climate denial in The Australian.

This catastrophic bushfire season has more people paying attention to climate change than ever before. So big advertisers, like Qantas, Woolworths and Westpac, won't want their brands linked with dangerous and unpopular climate denial.

And that's exactly what we'll do, in our own big advertising blitz, so those big advertisers give the Murdoch Press the hard word about their bent coverage.

Chip in $12 to fund billboards and digital ads calling out big Murdoch Press advertisers for propping up climate denial.

We know the Murdoch Press is already feeling the pressure. In recent weeks, even The Australian has printed some uncharacteristic pieces about the need for climate action.5 But that's alongside editorial back slaps for Scott Morrison's handling of the bushfire recovery and Pauline Hanson's piece describing climate change as "bullshit".6

Big names like Woolworths and Westpac can't brand themselves "clean" and climate friendly while they're funding Murdoch Press climate denial with their ad dollars.

Those same advertisers are critical to News Corp's bottom line - they literally can't print papers without the revenue. So while they might ignore us, they simply can't ignore big brands distancing themselves from the climate denialism in the pages of The Australian.

Chip in $12 to help us send a message these big advertisers can't ignore, one that will force The Australian to change their tune.

The beauty of billboards is that they send a message to advertisers that everyone can see. And with digital ads, we can ensure the customers of those very same big advertisers get the message.

It's what our people-powered movement does best: use our collective power to leverage influence where it's needed most. And right now, we need to focus our sights on big money influencers.

Because enough is enough. Our country is burnt, our country is dry, and we need to come together to take action. If the likes of The Australian disagree, then they can expect advertisers and supporters to walk.

Can you chip in $12 to ensure climate denialism is bad for business?

Yours in solidarity,
Alix, Tosca, Patrick and Justine for the GetUp team

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[2] 'He's cherry picking with intent': Here's what the climate scientist Andrew Bolt keeps quoting would like you to know, The Feed, 27 January 2020
[3] How Rupert Murdoch Is Influencing Australia's Bushfire Debate, New York Times, 8 January 2020
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[6]'I think it's a load of BS': Pauline Hanson wants climate change left out of bushfires royal commission,, 13 January 2020
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