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We've got just 5 days left to Ditch Dutton — and the latest national Newspoll shows a whopping 17% of voters are still undecided.1 

That means everything is going to come down to this last week in tight seats like Dickson. And we've got some bad news. 

It seems Peter Dutton bought up almost every available square metre of outdoor advertising. Using his $650k campaign war chest, he even rented out an entire office block, so he could cover it in ads!2 

But we've got a plan to break Dutton's chokehold on Dickson ad space. 

We're going mobile – getting a large billboard truck to drive around the electorate and park in strategic high commuter locations. That office block Dutton covered in ads? Yep, we're putting that big old billboard truck there too. And that's just a start. 

But we need the funding to keep that billboard truck up, and to double down on all our other ads in the final week of the election. 

We've fought so hard for so long — and all signs are that Dickson could come down to just a few hundred votes. This close to the end, we can't let Dutton buy his way back into power. 

Chip in $12 to fund a creative ad explosion in Dickson to counter Dutton's big ad buy. 

Together, we've been campaigning in Dickson for more than a year. We've done the research, local members listened to swing voters on the ground, and we know what works. Now we just have to fight to get our messages out in this final week: 
  • Mobile Billboards. Large billboard trucks are great — we can bring them to events, park them in front of Dutton's office of ads or near polling stations. But we have to pay for them each and every day until it's over.
  • Cars and Trailers. Local Dickson members are driving our message around with their own cars, either towing billboard trailers or on the cars themselves. It not only grabs attention, it shows true local commitment to the cause!
  • Stunts and Props. We've got some ideas for stunts and props that have to stay secret for now, but they'll be sure to get up Dutton's nose.
  • Radio and Digital. We're grabbing radio spots and making a huge digital ad play, to better focus on the swing voters who will make all the difference in a tight race.
Chip in $12 to counter Dutton's big ad buy with a grassroots-funded, creative ad campaign to ditch Dutton. 

GetUp members are campaigning so hard in Dickson because Peter Dutton has consistently violated core values, like truth, compassion and basic fairness.
  • Dutton said "one down, many to go" — after an ABC program featuring a young Muslim woman presenter was cancelled.3 Then he targeted Q&A for featuring 'academics' and host Tony Jones for addressing police violence in America.4
  • He was rated the worst Health Minister in 35 years — by doctors — after he tried to introduce the GP copayment.5
  • The media called out Dutton for lying about a shooting at the Manus camp.6 Lawyers have condemned him for attacking an independent legal body.7
  • His Home Affairs Ministry, pulled together just for him, is the most powerful ministry in Government, in charge of our spy agencies.
Our ABC under attack, our civil liberties in jeopardy and people seeking asylum with no end to their suffering. That's why we need to chip in to the final push to Ditch Dutton. 

It's a lot to do, but if we all chip in together we can out manoeuvre Dutton's ad buy. 

Thanks for seeing it through to the end, 
Paul, for the GetUp Team 

[1] "Newspoll shows Labor still just ahead, with boost to Bill Shorten's personal rating", The Guardian, 13 May 2019. 
[2] "'We are in trouble': Peter Dutton's battle for the seat of Dickson", The Guardian, 21 January 2019. 
[3] "'One down, many to go': Peter Dutton calls for ABC purge after Abdel-Magied axing", Sydney Morning Herald, 25 May 2017 
[4] Same as above. 
[5] "Peter Dutton ranked as worst health minister in 35 years in poll of doctors", The Guardian, 12 January 2015. 
[6] "Lying dud Dutton and his lying dud department", Crikey, 24 April 2017. 
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