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Scott Morrison and the Murdoch Press have made one thing clear: We face another Tampa election.1 

Morrison is lashing out after his historic defeat on the Medi-vac bill, which will see sick people detained on Nauru and Manus get proper medical care in Australia. Now just like the Howard Government in 2001, Morrison plans to use fear, lies and racist dog-whistling about people seeking asylum to secure 3 more years of power. 

Already Peter Dutton and the Daily Telegraph have launched slurs too vile to repeat.2,3 

It's a disgusting ploy to distract voters from the Government's internal chaos, inaction on climate change and policies putting corporations over everyday people. But if we show that politics of fear and division are now the pathway to electoral defeat, we can send these toxic politics to the dustbin of history. 

We know what to do and how to do it. We worked to get the kids and their families off Nauru and bring sick refugees to safety by overcoming Morrison and Dutton's fear campaigns to shift public attitudes, even in Liberal heartland. In fact, our new poll in Cabinet Minister Greg Hunt's formerly safe seat of Flinders shows the Medi-vac bill is supported by 64% of the electorate! 

But it will take more than one poll to derail the Morrison-Murdoch fear machine. We need more polling, national and target-seat research on winning over swing voters and a powerful advertising and election campaign to match the toxic politics of Morrison and the Murdoch Press. 

Can you chip in $12 urgently to defeat the Morrison-Murdoch fear machine this election? 

Critical to success in the heat of an election is getting the right message to the key voters in the critical electorates – at a bigger scale than ever before. This is what it will take, and we can only do it with your help: 
  • National polling, and polling of critical seats this election, including those held by Abbott and Dutton, used to overcome their message of fear-mongering on refugees.

  • National messaging research, based on ground-breaking work out of the U.S., to show persuadable voters how Morrison is using fear and division to distract from their failings on climate and inequality.

  • Media, advertising and persuasive conversations on the phone and in-person to get our message to the swing voters who will decide the election and kick out the hard right.
This work can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we have the right team and experts lined up, and the right movement of members, to do it leanly and powerfully. 

Chip in $12 today to defeat the Morrsion-Murdoch fear machine. 

We know what can happen if we don't do this. In 2001, on the back of the Tampa boat arrival, the Howard Government came back in the polls through a toxic politics of fear and racial division that's haunted us ever since. 

But the recent Victorian state election showed when the community unites against fear and racist dog-whistling, we can send toxic politicians to humiliating defeat.4 If we do the same now, we could bury the fear-mongering politics of Dutton, Abbott and Morrison for good. 

Times have changed – and it's we who've changed them. It's the fighters, believers, and yes, those who chip in. It's all of us, no matter the colour of our skin or which country we were born in, uniting to defeat those who cling to power through fear and division, in order to deliver more wealth for their coal-burning mates. 

Now it's we who must see things through to the end with a smart, well-researched, people-powered campaign. 

Chip in $12 to secure a new politics of unity and compassion that's greater than fear. 

Shen and Paul O, for the GetUp Team 

[1] "Morrison's Tampa Moment", The Australian, 18 February 2019. 
[2] "This Incredibly Racist Cartoon In The Daily Telegraph Has Been Condemned Online", Junkee, 12 February 2019. 
[3] "Alleged murderers, rapists and paedophiles could come to Australia, says Peter Dutton", 2GB, 12 February 2019. 
[4] "Memo to the Liberal Party: It's the product, not the pitch", The Age, 7 December 2018.
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