Dutton's new power grab


A spy agency boss just revealed they've been spying on us for the last 20 years1 — they even recruit hairdressers as agents because they're "good at getting information."

The only thing more shocking is why they said it. It's supposed to justify new powers to spy on us through a military agency called the Australian Signals Directorate, which Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton wants to seize control of.2

A report released this week by the Australia Institute found Australia's spy agencies have some of the weakest oversight in the world.3

But it's not enough for Dutton. He wants more power and even less accountability for his spy agency under proposed changes to ASIO laws. Journalists, whistleblowers, activists and even children are in his sights — while warrants, independent judges and lawyers get cast aside.

So we need to slam the door on the new spy agency spin this week. Because while knowing we've been spied on these past 20 years is hard to swallow, it's nothing compared to what Dutton could do with even fewer checks on his power.

More than 82,000 people have already signed the petition to oppose Dutton's Law. Imagine how powerful we'd be if that was 100,000 people resisting Dutton's power grab?

Sign the petition today and help get us to 100,000 strong against Peter Dutton's push for power?


Just last year the Federal Police raided ABC offices, seizing files and documents,4 and ransacked the home of a Newscorp journalist for daring to report on expanded surveillance powers.5 An ABC journalist is now threatened with criminal charges for exposing Australian war crimes.6

Now Dutton and his spy agency want even more power.

Under Dutton's Law, his spy agency could slip a tracking device in a whistleblowers bag or haul in 14 year old children for interrogation. People could be denied their basic right to a lawyer and journalists could be jailed for five years if they refuse to reveal confidential sources.

Strong and fearless journalism is crucial for speaking truth to power and holding the government to account. It's a fundamental pillar of our democracy and we need to defend it together.

More than 80,000 people are raising their voices against Dutton's Law. Let's get to 100,000 this week before we deliver the petition to Peter Dutton and his spy agency in a way they can't ignore.

Demand journalistic freedom by signing the petition opposing Dutton's Law today.

While everyday people across the country are faced with COVID lockdowns and an unfolding recession — Peter Dutton has been busy, building the power to shut down dissent.

He's hiding under the cover of a pandemic and relying on people like us not to notice.

Let's show Dutton, the spy agencies and everyone in Parliament we're watching them too. Let's show them there are 100,000 of us, and growing, fighting for press freedom and our rights.

Let them know we're watching, by signing the petition to oppose Dutton's Law.

In determination,

Renaire, Chandi, Maddie, Bea and Tosca for the GetUp team

[1] 'Not all Australians are the good guys': Citizens in cyber spy agency's sights, Sydney Morning Herald, 1 September 2020
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