Dwyer wins game one in court to keep his court


Wayne Dwyer prominent owner of well-known Sunshine Coast house building company Dwyer Quality Homes has built a controversial tennis court on top of his mansion at Minyama.

Wayne Dwyer had his day in the planning and environment Court in Brisbane today where the Sunshine Coast Council took Mr Dwyer to court in an effort to try and stop Mr Dwyer using the tennis court on top of his house for any purpose at all until all of the appropriate development approvals were in place.

The tennis court has only partly been approved. The deck of the tennis court has a full approval and a building permit, and is completed however the fences surrounding the tennis court and the shelter do not have any approvals as yet and although the fences are completed the shelter is not.

The fences and shelter are the subject of a current development application before Council. The perimeter fences fold down so when they are in their folded down position they do not require any permit. However the development application includes the fences in their upright position so when the development approval comes through these fences can be left in the upright position.

The development application has just completed its public submission period where there were 72 submissions from people supporting the tennis court application and 12 submissions from people who were against the tennis court application. These submissions can be viewed in full on the council website.

Wayne went on to say the sort of community support that we are getting is astonishing 72 positive submissions is extraordinary. We have sparked interest even in the international media where the UK daily mail has even run the article stating “These neighbours are complaining about this rooftop tennis court and the Aussies have the cheek to call us pommies whinges.”

During a report which ran on a current affair last week the reporter even called the antitennis court people whinges.

In the planning and environment Court in Brisbane today the honourable Judge Jones said he would not issue an order saying that Mr and Mrs Dwyer and their friends could not go to their approved roof / deck and enjoy a glass of champagne and something to eat. It is a part of their property which is built and approved. Judge Jones did go on to say that he would be inclined to issue an order which prohibited sports on the roof.

In a comment today Wayne Dwyer said this is a good win for us. It allows us to use the tennis court and shelter area and enjoy this newly created space that we have. We certainly have a good view from the top of the house which extends from old wooden woman Island to glasshouse. We do get some fabulous sunsets up there.

We would have liked to have the order enabling us to play sports on the roof but that did not happen, and we are very happy with the outcome. These are interim orders only and we are scheduled to go back to the planning and environment Court on 16 August 2019 to have the matter reviewed.

Judge Jones is hoping that the Sunshine Coast Council will have a decision on the development application by the time the parties return to review the matter on 16 August 2019, which then should allow full use of the area for all activities for Mr Dwyer and his family and friends.

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