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In a last-minute dirty trick, Tony Abbott's campaign and the right-wing media are trying to smear GetUp to throw the election to Tony Abbott.1 

As reported in The Australian today, the former Prime Minister's campaign pushed police to investigate their false claims that GetUp staff members defaced walls in Warringah with vulgar posters about Abbott, as the story was also shopped to media.2 

Then Abbot's mate, right-wing radio shock jock Ray Hadley, went on air putting public pressure on the NSW Police Commissioner to charge the staff members before any proper investigation.3 Just hours later, GetUp staff were contacted by police. 

It's all a lie, a smear and a last ditch desperate effort to generate media sympathy for Abbott. 

Our staff members have done nothing but work with GetUp members to change things for the better, and now they face false allegations to the police, public abuse, damage to their reputation and even physical threats. 

Abbott's campaign and his right-wing media mates must be held to account, which is why we're engaging top solicitors and barristers immediately to take appropriate legal action. But we have to move fast, before these lies can do any more harm. 

Can you chip in $12 to our emergency legal fund to stop these malicious lies about GetUp? 

Several weeks ago, someone posted offensive posters about Tony Abbott in Warringah and around Sydney.4 They were a vulgar and inappropriate intrusion on the campaign. 

Recently, Tony Abbott's campaign made the false accusation to the NSW Police that GetUp staff members were involved, while someone peddled the story to media.5 The accusation is totally false and a number of reputable media outlets declined to publish the story once we presented the facts. 

But that didn't stop Ray Hadley from publicly slandering GetUp and our staff and even pushing for charges to be laid.6 It's a chance to keep his right wing champion Tony Abbott in office, and undermine the GetUp movement in the process. 

With the election just days away, our response has to be swift and forceful. We need to engage top solicitors and barristers immediately to defend Getup and innocent staff members from these smears, and hold those behind them to account. That can be expensive. 

Chip in $12 to our emergency legal fund to shut down the right wing lies. 

This is not an isolated attack. In the last few weeks we have been fending off one press attack after another, filled with false and baseless claims. 

Most were never published. Others were reined back and publicly refuted by fair-minded journalists.7 Nearly all required legal attention. The pattern is clear — to attack and smear the GetUp movement to weaken our collective power in this election and beyond. 

Now innocent people are being falsely accused by a former prime minister's campaign team. A heavyweight shock jock is pressuring a police commissioner to lay charges without proper investigation. 

It's time to fight back. It's time to stand up for honest journalism and truth in reporting. It's time to hold Abbott's campaign, Ray Hadley and other right-wing media players to account for spreading lies and smears. 

And we have to do it immediately, before their dirty tricks undermine everything we're trying to achieve this election. 

Chip in $12 to our emergency legal fund to shut down the right wing lies. 

Thanks for standing up for the truth, 
Paul, for the GetUp Team 

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