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Australian Government Political Surveys & Your Say

We've passed the one year anniversary of the gruelling government investigation into whether GetUp is an 'associated entity' of any political parties. 

So we're marking the event by taking the power back into our own hands. 

Since 2005, Eric Abetz and the extreme right have pushed these burdensome investigations to keep us tied up in legal knots or silent and subdued in the face of these threats to our political independence. But we're not waiting one day more for their latest twisted attack to play out. 

Today we're putting our brand of fearless, member-driven independence in a strong and clear statement for all to see. We'll put it on our website and social media, nail it to our office doors, and send it to anyone in politics, the press or whoever else tries to tell us who we are. 

But we're competing with Abetz and the extreme right, who are abusing the powers and megaphone of government to tarnish our independence. To outmatch them, we need to print our 'Statement of Independence' in an unmissable, full page national newspaper ad for all to see. 

Can you chip in $12 to put our Statement of Independence in unmissable newspaper ads? 

Click here to chip in to put the GetUp Statement of Independence in national newspapers 
Chip in $12 to put our Statement of Independence everywhere, including a full page national newspaper ad. 

At a time when prime ministers are tossed out like last week's newspaper, and politicians put their egos and personal ambition over the public good, our society needs frank and fearless forces to keep our system of government working for all of us. 

The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government has attacked the independence of our ABC, undermined civil society and passed frightening gag laws to chill political protest. Their attacks on our movement are part of this broader threat to our democracy 

Let's stand up to the extreme right in our country. Let's stand together — independent and strong, now and forever. 

Chip in $12 to put GetUp's Statement of Independence up among the national headlines. 

Thank you for being GetUp, 
Paul, for the GetUp Team 

PS - We could not have withstood this year-long investigation if not for the more than 17,000 donations towards expert legal advice and more, from GetUp members like yourself. Thank you for standing up for our independent, people-powered movement.  
GetUp! Australia :
PO Box A105, Sydney South, NSW, 1235, Australia Wide
GetUp! Australia
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