Even Andrew Bolt thought this was racist

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**Content warning: homophobia and racism**
"I can't stand Muslims...[but] they are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings."1

That's a real quote from a fundraising dinner held by the far-right group and self-styled 'think-tank' The Q Society in Sydney last week. 

I felt scared when I read it – and all the other horrible things that were said at that dinner. Those lobbyists and media personalities were openly mocking and targeting my family and friends. They are attacking people in our community. 

And, as if it couldn't get any worse – Coalition MP George Christensen headlined the same event the next night in Melbourne. 

Australians know that the standard you walk past is the one you accept – and we can't let Malcolm Turnbull keep ignoring his MPs associations with organised homophobia and racism. We can't let this hate become normal. 

Will you join thousands of GetUp members calling on the Prime Minister to condemn George Christensen for being part of the Q Society fundraiser? 

Yes, I'll sign! 

Imagine it: a group of elite power-brokers, dressed up for a fancy dinner, boasting about hating people because of their culture. Laughing at the idea of people being killed for their sexuality. 

It's unbelievable any government politician would associate with that. But the Coalition's far-right now seems so desperate to import Trump-style politics they're not just attending this organisation's events – they're actively fundraising for them. 

ALP Senator Sam Dastyari has already written directly to Prime Minister Turnbull demanding that he ask members of his Government not to associate with the Q Society or their event.2 

Even Andrew Bolt found the comments too extreme3 and condemned them. 

The Prime Minister hasn't said a thing. But GetUp members aren't letting him get away with silence – and our message is already being picked up in the media. On Sunday we were mentioned in The Australian – right where Malcolm Turnbull least wants to see us, in the conservative press.4 

Now, we have to crank up the pressure. Together we need to make it clear the public won't let Malcolm Turnbull turn a blind eye to his far-right flank's involvement with openly racist and homophobic groups like Reclaim Australia and the Q Society. 

It's time for Malcolm Turnbull to decisively condemn George Christensen, and for all parliamentarians to take a stand against racism and bigotry. Add your name here: www.getup.org.au/condemn-christensen 

Comments like the ones at the Q Society dinner are dangerous – and we know from watching the US, when politicians start using extreme bigotry to win votes, it rapidly becomes the new normal. 

By acting together, we won't let that happen here. 

Thank you for taking a stand, 

Shen, Renaire and Aurora for the GetUp team 

[1] 'Inside the far-right Q Society's explosive dinner, where Muslims are fair game,' Sydney Morning Herald, 10 February 2017 
[2] 'Ross Cameron defends appearance at dinner for anti-Islam Q Society,' The Australian, 10 February 2017 
[3] 'Defenders of Free speech must damn Pickering,' Herald Sun, 10 February 2017 
[4] 'Ross Cameron Q Society row an own goal, Cory Bernardi says', The Australian, 12 February 2017 
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