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Facebook is threatening to stop sharing news if it has to pay Australian media outlets - including the ABC - for their work.1

Journalism that informs us and holds governments to account is a cornerstone of any safe, flourishing democracy. Yet this internet giant pulling $100 billion a year would deny us access to breaking news, crucial Coronavirus updates and salient local stories.

Australian journalism is already in crisis from falling revenue, largely because companies like Facebook snatch news content for their platforms without paying for it. That includes our ABC, which is suffering under devastating funding cuts.

At a major Press Club address last week, the ABC Managing Director said fair payment from digital giants could be critical to funding the shortfall for ABC journalism.2

Media outlets may depend on Facebook for income, but Facebook depends on us for their income. So it's time to show them who's boss. If we all raise our voices, demanding they pay their fair share for Australian journalism, they'll have to listen.

Will you sign the petition to Facebook, demanding they continue showing news, and ensure our media landscape isn't further eroded?


Imagine your Facebook news feed full of only fake news and hoax Coronavirus conspiracies. Now imagine that on a mass scale - with damaging lies pushed to the feeds of persuadable voters who decide elections.

Facebook feeds are already full of fake news, but without accurate news stories cutting through, lies and dangerous misinformation will be all the millions of Facebook users in Australia will read.

If Facebook doesn't show news - and doesn't pay media companies fairly for it - it leaves the door wide open to an unprecedented level of corruption.

But if it does the right thing, it could help fund quality Australian journalism - including addressing the funding shortfall at our ABC, so they can keep delivering the essential news services we rely on.

Will you take two minutes to sign the petition demanding Facebook keep the truth in social media?


With so much going on in Australia and around the world at the moment, this issue is going relatively unnoticed. We can't let these disastrous changes sneak through unchallenged.

They may be hugely powerful, but so are we. And Facebook is nothing without the people who use its platform. Their revenue from advertisers is all about how many people they can reach, and how long our faces stay glued to their site.

So add your name to the petition and let Mark Zuckerberg know you want Facebook to be a force for good, not a platform which peddles fake news and conspiracy theories.

Will you take two minutes to sign the petition to Facebook, demanding they continue showing news?

In solidarity,

Alix, Sarah, Tosca and Bea - for the GetUp team.

PS - The ABC is being gutted alive by our Government. It needs all the help it can get - that means restoring funding and it also means companies like Facebook paying their fair share. Sign the petition demanding Facebook continue to share news and that they pay media outlets for it.

[1] Facebook says it doesn't need news stories for its business and won't pay to share them in Australia, The Guardian, 15 June 2020
[2] ABC boss wants revenue from tech giants to fund journalism, The Sydney Morning Herald, 8 July
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