Firefighters vs Murdoch


Firefighters are fighting the blazes while fire chiefs call for the climate action we need to keep us safe.

The ABC is providing life-saving emergency broadcasting under huge budget strain.

While the Murdoch Press is using their papers to print misinformation and provide an ongoing platform for climate denial.

That's backed up by the New York Times, a senior News Corp employee and even Rupert Murdoch's own son.

News Corp needs subscribers and advertisers, which they won't keep if they continue blocking the climate solutions that can help keep us safe from disaster.

Let's publicly call on them to rein in their disgraceful misinformation campaign:

Sign the open letter: will you stand with the New York Times, News Corp employees, and Rupert Murdoch's own son to call out News Corp's climate crisis denial?

Scientists have been unequivocal: climate change is driving more dangerous bushfires, storms, floods and drought. News Corp's dogmatic agenda is blocking the climate solutions that can help keep us safe.

And as the nation watches, appalled, we have a chance to come together to make a clear demand. Stop playing political games and stand with the people, country and wildlife on the front lines of the climate crisis.

And we'll deliver that message straight to News Corp's doors.

It's not hard to see why frustration is bubbling over: just a few days ago, as these unprecedented fires raged, News Corp gave Pauline Hanson a platform to describe climate change as "bullshit".4

But the tides are turning. The world's largest hedge fund just pulled their investments in thermal coal,5 prominent UK conservatives are mocking climate deniers in Australian Parliament6, and Liberal MPs are demanding a reversal of their party's appalling history of climate inaction.7

Climate deniers are on the ropes, and it's the perfect opportunity for us to take a stand: it's time for News Corp to lift its game.

With your help, it'll be the biggest letter to the editor they've ever seen. Click here to sign now!

News Corp's contempt for science and the truth is nothing new: columns from fossil fuel lobbyists, decried as "a mixture of misdirection, misleading claims and outright falsehoods"; smear pieces on climate experts as "frauds" and "warmaholics".8

And with NewsCorp's reach and power in Australia and the United States, it's no coincidence that both our countries have taken a back seat on climate action. But if we can shame NewsCorp into putting a lid on the denials and disinformation it could be transformative for our politics.

If we come together in this unprecedented moment, it ends now.

Add your voice to the open letter demanding News Corp stops giving a platform to climate deniers.

Yours in solidarity,
Alix, Patrick and Tosca for the GetUp team

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