Forced farm labour for Newstart recipients

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PM Scott Morrison wants to force unemployed workers like me to perform farm labour - under threat of losing our social security entitlements. 

Scott Morrison and the Liberals are unfairly punishing Australians who have become unemployed due to no fault of their own.

This latest plan to simply force us out of our communities represents his own failure to create enough good jobs for all those of us who need them. Help us send Scott Morrison a clear message - create work, not punishment.
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Sadly, this is not an isolated attack. 

The Coalition has taken away our rights to appeal unfair penalties made by private employment service providers; they've stripped our rights to a 'reasonable excuse' not to attend activities and appointments; and they've significantly expanded the coercive and dangerously unregulated Work for the Dole program.

Thanks to the Coalition's economic policies, there are currently 16 job seekers competing for every position available. This ratio skyrockets in rural areas, where unemployment rates surge past 20%.

Yet Scott Morrison and the Coalition continue to brand unemployment as a personal failure and responsibility, rather than what it really is: a failure of government policy. 

We need to send Scott Morrison a clear message that he can no longer blame and punish the unemployed for his own failed "trickle-down" policies. We need to tell this government to start creating jobs, instead creating more humiliating punishments.
Please sign this petition so we can start fighting back against these egregious attacks on marginalised workers.
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Thanks for your support,

Unemployed worker and AUWU member
Australian Unemployed Workers' Union (AUWU) :
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Australian Unemployed Workers' Union (AUWU)
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