It's an inside job on the ABC

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Scott Morrison is about to hand-pick the next ABC Chair. And he's point blank refused to rule out appointing one of his mates.1 

It gets worse. Multiple ex-Murdoch executives are in the running, and Morrison has already stacked the selection panel with an all-star line up of ex-Liberal MPs and big business lobbyists.2,3 

But this year, our movement has proved there are serious consequences for attacking the ABC.4 Morrison is facing plummeting polling numbers, and the Coalition just suffered a humiliating defeat in Wentworth.5,6 This appointment is a huge risk for the Government. 

If we expose this sham process to the public, Morrison will have to back down and appoint a truly independent Chair of our ABC – or face the political consequences. 

Morrison wants this process to go on behind closed doors, but together we can uncover every questionable connection between the selection panel and Government ministers, the Coalition, the coal industry, the Murdoch Press and the Business Council. 

We can put the panel's biases up in lights, and force them, and potential board appointments to meet a rigorous and very public standard of independence. But it's not going to be easy. 

It'll take some serious sleuthing from the best researchers, amplified by a sophisticated media strategy, hard-hitting advertising, and cheeky stunts. And to make it happen we need to start right away, because the selection process starts tomorrow. 7 

Can you chip in $12 to make sure our next ABC chair isn't handpicked by Morrison? 

Here's what we can do if enough of us chip in: 
  • Investigative Research. Hire researchers to profile Morrison's sham appointment panel, including every last link they have to this Government, coal and big business

  • Big, Public Megaphone. Broadcast the dirty details to the entire country, dominating airwaves, headlines and newsfeeds (with a special focus on marginal electorates where the ABC is a significant issue for voters 😉)

  • Disruptive Stunts. Execute hard-hitting tactics to make sure the media's spotlight stays squarely focussed on our ABC (can't say too much here, but imagine if a few cheeky bananas rocked up and applied for the role...🍌)
If we can keep the public's attention squarely focused on the appointment of our new ABC chair, there's no way Morrison can risk putting up an ex-Murdoch executive or an IPA stooge. 

Can you chip in $12 to make sure the person who runs out ABC for the next five years isn't handpicked by Prime Minister Morrison? 

This year our public broadcaster has been under attack like never before: funding cuts, blatant attempts to censor and fire journalists, hostile inquiries and an overwhelming vote to privatise the ABC from the Liberal Party Council.8 

But GetUp members stood up and fought back like never before, making sure that the Coalition has been feeling the heat – and paying the price at the ballot box. 

Together, we made sure the ABC defined the by-election of Mayo. And crossbenchers Kerryn Phelps and Rebekha Sharkie have both pledged to make protecting our public broadcaster a top priority. 

More than 40 000 of us have already signed a petition demanding Morrison appoint a truly independent, properly qualified ABC Chair. And we need to back in that momentum with hard-hitting tactics to blow this shady process wide open. 

Can you chip in $12 to stop the Morrison Government from controlling the ABC's reporting from inside? 

Now, more than ever, our ABC needs leaders who are as committed to defending and championing public broadcasting as you are. 

In hope and determination, 
Ruby and Jai - for the GetUp team. 


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