Katter Party & LNP join forces to promise repeal of civil unions


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As gay couples flock to Noosa for the Mardi Gras Recovery Week, they won't be welcomed by the LNP member, Glen Elmes, or the Katter Party candidate, Bob Jarvis.

The Greens candidate for Noosa, Jim McDonald, said that both Mr Elmes's party and the Katter Party have promised to repeal legislation legalising civil unions for gay couples if they get the numbers.

“Campbell Newman told the Australian Christian Lobby that 'if we can, we will repeal' the Civil Partnerships Act. Mr Elmes voted against the Civil Partnerships Act in the Parliament. He had a bit each way, saying beforehand he would vote for it if given a conscience vote.

“I challenge Glen Elmes to give the gay community in Noosa an undertaking that he will never support any move to repeal the Civil Partnerships Act if the LNP gets into government.

“The Greens are the only Party that have welcomed the Bligh Government's decision on civil unions. It is a matter of equity and respecting long term relationships between people of the same sex.”

“The LNP and Katter Party fail to reflect community support for gay marriage – let alone civil unions. A Galaxy poll in February this year revealed that 62 percent of Australians supported same sex marriage. The results were especially strong among young voters at more than 80 percent. These levels of support have been in the polls for some time.

“Extreme opponents paint gay marriage and civil unions as somehow undermining marriage. My second marriage lasted 34 years until my wife died so my personal history is a vote for marriage and The Greens strongly support families in our 'Care for People' policies.

“I am constantly amazed at the Conservatives' difficulty in accepting principles of equity in all matters in our society. After all, this is one of the principles which has made Australia such a great nation.

“This is no small matter. We should be mindful of Thomas Jefferson's principle - 'eternal vigilance is the price of liberty' - and never forget that twentieth-century dictators rose on the back of inequity in relatively small matters and the gradual erosion of freedoms.”


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