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Whilst I have the greatest sympathy for the victims and their families of the Orlando shooting, I non-the-less believe that Australia could be in for something similar if we continue down the reckless path that the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition would take us.
If such a terrorist could hide in the security crazy United States of America, even after being investigated twice by the FBI, what hope do we have here in Australia of detecting someone of like mind?

Our Prime Minister says we must promote and encourage Islam in Australia. Our Leader of the Opposition says we must recognise the great contribution Islam has made and will continue to make to our Australian society. Both leaders are burying their heads in the sand and are denying what is happening before their (and our) very eyes.

Islam, in one shape or another, is responsible for what happened in America this week. Islam is not merely a religion, it is a totalitarian ideology with global aspirations, and its ideals are completely incompatible with our western society. The question is – do we want this ideology here in Australia?

The ALA emphatically says “No, we do not!” When elected, we will enforce a 10-year moratorium on all resident visa categories for applicants from member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Further, it will be required of all accredited Islamic organisations in Australia to formally accept the supremacy of Australian law and universal human rights over Islamic doctrine and Sharia law.

Echoing Donald Trump, Islam is anti women, anti gay and anti Australian.

I want my daughters and granddaughters to live free and without fear – don’t you!

John Spellman
Australian Liberty Alliance candidate for Fisher

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