Looking the other way while our wildlife vanishes


Newly revealed documents show the Morrison Government is wilfully ignoring the biggest threats to native wildlife.1

Koalas, platypuses, and possums - who call Australia home - are being pushed to the brink by climate change. The trees they sleep in burnt to a crisp, the rivers they feed in running dry.

The Government is already rushing through a review to weaken the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act. Now we learn they're refusing to create plans to protect our native wildlife under the law — claiming it's all too hard.

That's because saying 'yes' to saving our wildlife could mean saying 'no' to digging a big new mine or fracking under the land and water they rely on.

We can prove it's not too hard by funding ecological experts to demonstrate how our laws can address these threats. Together we can force their hand to act.

But with a billion animals killed in this year's bushfires and key species pushed to the brink, we have to act quickly. And expert investigations require intensive research.

Can you chip in to help save our unique and precious wildlife?

Thanks to members like you, we used damning print and online ads and ran explosive polling to show the Morrison Government that people expect them to strengthen the laws protecting our natural environment and the wildlife that call it home.

Now we need to take it a step further by doing the job the Government is meant to do.

Unbelievably, more frequent and severe bushfires aren't even listed as an official threat to wildlife under the law and most listed threats don't have any plans to address them. Plans to save critically endangered mammals are out of date; the Leadbeater's possum plan has't been updated in more than two decades.2

The Morrison Government has put this important work in the too hard basket. But wildlife experts at the Invasive Species Council are working hard to develop case studies that prove there's no excuses for failing to address many of these threats.

But this work needs vital funding, and media attention to publicly shame the government into doing its job — together, we can expose the Morrison Government's excuses for inaction by taking action ourselves.

Can you chip in to hold the Morrison Government accountable and show them what a real plan to protect our native wildlife looks like?

Documents recently exposed through Freedom of Information (FOI) requests show the Morrison Government isn't doing its job to look after our unique native wildlife. If enough of us chip in together, we can prove it and show them how it's done by:
  • Funding ecologists and policy makers with the Invasive Species Council to develop a series of case studies showing the feasibility of ambitious threat abatement programs to address the biggest threats to our native wildlife, calling the Morrison Government's bluff that it's too difficult.

  • Ensuring governments are held accountable by getting these findings to the media, the public and parliamentary committees and inquiries.

  • Dialling up our legal efforts to uncover what else they're hiding with more FOI legal actions. These latest revelations only came to light because of these powerful but expensive legal processes.
Will you chip in to help protect our climate, unique wildlife, and pristine natural heritage?

In defiance,

Ed, Charlie, Tessa, Oliver, and Rafi - for the GetUp team

[1] Australian government stops listing major threats to species under environment laws, The Guardian, 8 May 2020.
[2] 'Fantasy documents': recovery plans failing Australia's endangered species, The Guardian, 20 February 2018.
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