More than 500 Religious leaders send Marriage Equality letter to Prime Minister


NOTE: This article is older than 12 months

More than five hundred religious leaders have sent an open letter to the Prime Minister and the Government in support of marriage equality as a matter of social justice and calling for it to be resolved by a vote in the parliament as the Liberal Party convenes this afternoon to discuss marriage equality.

"Marriage Equality is about civil marriage and will have no impact on anyone's faith, religious institution or sacrament. It is about allowing the State to treat every Australian with equal dignity," Tiernan Brady said.

"Yesterday's release of the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017 allows civil marriage equality to now become a reality whilst continuing to provide religious freedoms. We strongly welcome this Bill as the way forward.

"These religious leaders support civil marriage equality because of their faith and values, not despite it. Their letter reflects the will of the majority of people of faith in Australia who want marriage equality to happen

"They support a change to the legal definition of civil marriage to include all Australians and they urge others of faith to stand up for civil marriage equality as a matter of social justice.

"Like the majority of Australians, they have called on all politicians to show leadership and unite the nation by making civil marriage equality a reality for every Australian," Tiernan   Brady concluded.

The largest number of signatories came from the Uniting Church of Australia (22%), Anglicans (18%) and Catholics (13%). The leaders have signed alongside religious leaders from Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu communities.

Quotes from Faith Leaders supporting marriage equality:

Reverend Doctor Peter Catt, Dean, Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane
"I see marriage equality as something I support because of my faith, it's a matter of justice and if we are really interested in humans flourishing then we should be enabling the form human expression which is being married to the person you love."

Reverend Chris Bedding, Rector, Anglican Parish of Darlington-Bellevue,
"Marriage equality will provide access to marriage to those who yearn for it, and won't stop people of faith from framing their lives around their beliefs. Marriage requires constant generosity and sacrifice for another person. I value marriage so highly that I want all couples to be able to experience the level of love that marriage demands."

Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky, Beit Shalom Synagogue, Adelaide
"I've signed this petition because I believe that all human beings are created in God's image and so are entitled to the same legal rights. It is my privilege to know people in same-sex relationships whose commitment to one another is just as deep and lasting as those in heterosexual relationships."

Reverend Doctor Margaret Mayman, Minister of Pitt Street Sydney Uniting Church
"Despite noisy opposition from some Church leaders and lobbyists, the majority of Christians support civil marriage equality in Australia. When the law changes, Christian churches will be free make their theological decisions about whom they will marry, but all couples should be treated equally under civil law. My own congregation is looking forward to the day when we both legally marry and bless the marriages of two people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity."

 Imam Nur Warsame, Marhaba, Melbourne
"Marriage equality is a basic human right, Islam is a religion that promotes all human rights not some human rights. It will help a lot of young people gain confidence because they are in an environment that says to them that they are wrong and impure, marriage equality will help a lot in the LGBT Muslim community gain confidence."

The full statement reads:

Dear Prime Minister,

We write to you as clergy, lay leaders, people of faith and LGBTI people of faith, from across the diversity of religions and faith communities in Australia.

We believe we are all equal (in the eyes of G-d)*, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status. We urge faith leaders to promote equality and inclusion for all people.

As people of faith, we understand that marriage is based on the values of love and commitment and we support civil marriage equality, not despite, but because of our faith and values.

We support a change to the legal definition of civil marriage to include LGBTI people's relationships and families, a change that the majority of Australians support.

We urge people of faith to exercise their freedom of conscience to stand up for civil marriage equality as a matter of social justice.

We call on politicians to show leadership and unite to make civil marriage equality a reality for every Australian.

Yours sincerely,
(*signatories from theistic faiths include this clause)

Lisa Ahuja, VIC, Anglican
Vic Aitken, NT, Anglican
Stavros Aivaliotis, VIC,
Rev Chris Albany, WA, Anglican, Bayswater
Alex Al-Ekhtiyar, NSW, Catholic
Nic Allchin, VIC
Courtney Allen, WA
Mia Allen, VIC, Anglican
Charmaine Alty, WA, Salvation Army
Rev Dr Shane Andersen DD, NSW, Christian, Pastor, Outreach Ministries Australia
Dr Gavriel Ansara, NSW, Jewish Orthodox, Rosh Pinah (An Affirming Orthodox Jewish Network)
Katherine Appleby, NSW, Anglican
Veronica Arnold, QLD, Catholic
Stuart Asquith, VIC, Anglican
Molina Asthana, VIC, Hindu, Community Leader
Alison Atkinson-Phillips, WA, Uniting Church, Lay leader
Uniting LGBTIQ Network Australia, , Uniting Church
Lesley Baird, WA, Christian
Catherine Baker, SA, Anglican, St Mark's Golden Grove
Richard Ball, QLD, Anglican
Briony Barabas, WA, Anglican
Jack Barnard, ACT, Uniting Church, Gungahlin
Rev Dr Ray Barraclough, QLD, Anglican, Secretary, A Progressive Christian Voice
Ronita Barratt, TAS, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Geeveston
Kyle Barrington, NSW, Uniting Church
Callista Barritt, WA, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Rev Craig Batty, QLD, Uniting Church
Pastor Becky Bauer, VIC, Christian, Melbourne Inclusive Church
Rebecca Baxter, NSW, Christian
Rev Jeanne Beale, VIC, Uniting Church
Kryssie Bearham, WA, Anglican
Mark Beaton, QLD
Sekneh Beckett, NSW, Muslim, Psychologist
Rev Chris Bedding, WA, Anglican, Parish of Darlington-Bellevue
Eugene Beh, VIC, Catholic
Eve Beh, NSW, Uniting Church, Psychologist
Adam Bell, VIC
Steven Benbow, VIC, Lutheran
Jill Bernard, NSW
Geoff Bice, WA, Christian
Holly Bidwell, ACT, Uniting Church
Adrienne Birdsall, NSW,
Bridgette Birdsall, NSW,
Robyn Birdsall, NSW, Catholic
Kent Blackmore, NSW, Uniting Church
Colin Booth, VIC
Emeritus Prof. Rev. Gary Bouma AM, VIC, Anglican, Professor of Sociology at Monash, President, Australian Association for the Study of Religions
Venerable Fr Rod Bower, NSW, Anglican, Archdeacon of the Central Coast
Juliet Bowron, NSW, Catholic
Peter Bowron, NSW, Catholic
Glenn Boyd, NSW, Anglican
Barbara BOYD-Anderson, QLD, Catholic
Kaye Bradshaw, VIC, Uniting Church
Catherine Braysher, WA, Christian
Dean Brodel, VIC, Christian, North Fitzroy Community Church
Judith Brown, NSW, Catholic
Kirsty Brown, VIC, Christian
Kirsty Brown, VIC, Christian
Melissa Brown, NSW, Catholic
Rachel Brown, TAS, Christian
Henrike Brussaard, VIC, Christian
Lawrence Buchanan, VIC, Baptist
Amy Budrikis, WA, Anglican
Megan Bugden, NSW, Catholic
Anne Burrough, WA, Uniting Church
Kaye C, QLD, Congregational
Gabby Cadenhead, NSW, Uniting Church
Rev Kim Cain, VIC, Uniting Church, St Leonard's
Max Campbell, VIC
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Canberra, ACT, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Tim Capuano, QLD, Christian
Lisa Carey, VIC, Uniting Church, Glen Iris, Lay leader
Ian Carmichael, TAS, Baptist, Penguin Baptist Church, LGBTI Conversations
Graham Castledine, WA, Anglican
Rev Dr Peter Catt, QLD, Anglican, Dean, St John's Cathedral, Brisbane, President, A Progressive Christian Voice
Lauren Chatman, QLD, Uniting Church
Kaye Chenoweth, VIC, Anglican, St John's, Diamond Creek
Erin Chew, NSW, Asian Australian Community
Kevin Chigwidden, VIC, Christian
Wayne Chilver, NSW, Metropolitan Community Church
Jill Chisholm, TAS, Christian
Neil Chisholm, WA, Westcity Church
Venerable Thubten Chokyi, NSW, Buddhist, Community leader
Rev Melissa Clark, VIC, Anglican, Parish of Woodend-Trentham
Fr Stephan Clark, SA, Anglican, Parish priest, St Mary Magdalene's, Adelaide
Kristy Clarke, NSW, Anglican
Matthew Clarke, WA, Hope Perth Christian Church
Robert Clayton, VIC, Anglican
Pastor Belinda Clear, VIC, Christian
Margot Clifford, ACT, Uniting Church
Rev Dr Nikki Coleman, ACT, Uniting Church
Peri Coleman, SA, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Stephen Coleman, ACT, Uniting Church
Hannah Coleman-Jennings, ACT, Baha'i
Rev Craig Collas, WA, Wesley Uniting Church, Perth
Dr Paul Collins, ACT, Catholic, Religious Commentator
Sandy Collins, QLD, Christian Charismatic
John Collinson, VIC, Salvation Army
Rev David Coltheart, QLD, Metropolitan Community Church, Brisbane
Frances Combe, QLD, Anglican
Rev Bryan Cones, VIC, Anglican
John Conley, NSW, Catholic
Ashlin Coombridge, VIC, Salvation Army
Natalie Cooper, NSW, Anglican, Sydney, Equal Voices Steering Committee
Stewart Cooper, VIC, Salvation Army
Kate Creek, VIC, Salvation Army
Lisa D, VIC, Christian
Malcolm D Souza, VIC, Catholic
Shereen D Souza, VIC, Catholic
Elsie Daddow, VIC, Westgate Baptist Community
Jessey Dalla-Vecchia, VIC, Pentecostal Christian, Bridge Church
Elizabeth Danes, WA, Evangelical Christian
Rev Gareth Darlow, VIC, Uniting Church
Beth Davey, VIC, Uniting Church, Brunswick
Melinda Davey, VIC, Christian, Crossway Church
Lesley Davis, QLD
Rose Davis, SA, Catholic
Beverley de Rosario, NSW, Catholic
Kay De Vogel, ACT, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Canberra
James Dean, VIC, Christian
Craig DeLoach, VIC
Cat Dernee, VIC
Nathan Despott, VIC, Evangelical Christian
Major Christine Dickson, QLD, Salvation Army
Major Neil Dickson, QLD, Salvation Army
Curtis Dickson (Leichhardt Uniting Church Council), NSW, Uniting Church, Secretary, on behalf of Leichhardt Uniting Church Council
Louise Dillon, WA, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God
Heather Dowling, WA, Uniting Church, Lay leader
Rosalie Dow-Schmidt, SA, Christian, Activate Church
Matt Doyle, NSW, Spiritual
Leanna Dries, VIC
Julia D'Rozario, WA, Anglican, Parish of Swan
Kharishma D'souza, NSW, Hindu
Rex Ducat, NSW, Anglican, High Church
Rev John Dunn, WA, Uniting Church, Former Moderator, Uniting Church WA Synod
Jennie Dyster, SA, Unitarian Church of SA
Rev Andrew Eaton, NSW, Anglican
Stuart Edser, NSW, Christian, Psychologist
Suzanne Edwards, QLD, Catholic
Suzette Ellison, QLD, Salvation Army
Rev Dr Susan Emeleus, NSW, Anglican, Sydney
Rev Neil Ericksson, NSW, Uniting Church
Amanda Eriksson, VIC, Pentecostal Christian
Rev Di Esbensen, VIC, Uniting Church
Rabbi Kim Ettlinger, VIC, Jewish, Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne
Rev Joy Etwell, VIC, Metropolitan Community Church
Craig Evans, NSW, Christian, Christian City Church
Lauren Evans, NSW, Christian
Pastor Kaylea Fearn, VIC, Uniting Church
Jane Feast, SA, Uniting Church, Morialta
Fanaldi Fedrizal, VIC, Muslim
Rev Stuart Fenner, WA, Anglican, Parish of Swan
Stephanie Fenton, NSW, Anglican, Dulwich Hill, Equal Voices, Leader
Patricia Fernandes, NSW, Catholic
Rev Carolyn Field, VIC, Uniting Church
Rev Fr Terry Fitzpatrick, QLD, Catholic, St Mary's In Exile
Rev Nicole Fleming, NSW, Uniting Church, Balmain
Pamela Fok, VIC, Christian
Lance Formolli, WA, Salvation Army, Balga
Rev Carolyn Francis, VIC, Baptist, Collins St Baptist Church, Melbourne
Talitha Fraser, VIC, Christian
David Freesmith, SA, Unitarian Church of SA, Social Justice Coordinator
Dr Michael Furtado, QLD, Catholic
Rev Murray Fysh, QLD, Uniting Church, Merthyr Road
Rev Charles Gallacher, VIC, Uniting Church, Queenscliff
Sara Garbutt, NSW, Christian
Melody Gardiner, NSW, Catholic, Co-convenor of Australian Catholics for Equality
Pat Garner, VIC, Catholic
Bernard Gee, NSW, Anglican
Keith Gerrard, NSW, Uniting Church LGBTIQ Network, Chair
Ethan Gillespie, QLD, Christian
Tara Gillespie, QLD, Christian
Rev Benjamin Gilmour, NSW, Uniting Church, Paddington
Gavin Glenn, NSW, Uniting Church, Blacktown
Rev Matt Glover, VIC, Christian, Director, MGA Counselling Services, ordained Baptist Minister
Briana Goding, VIC, Christian
Christopher Goff, WA, Salvation Army, Bandmaster
Laura Goodridge, NSW, Uniting Church
Rev Dr Chris Goringe, NSW, Uniting Church
Anneke Gouws, VIC, Christian, Fitzroy North Church of Christ
Geraldine Gradon, NSW, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Andrea Gray, VIC, Pentecostal
Rev Lorna Green, WA, Anglican, Chair, Anglican Social Responsibilities Commission, Diocese of Perth
Justin Greenway, QLD, Uniting Church
Ben Gresham, NSW, Pentecostal, Freedom2b, Leader
Kirsty Gurtler, VIC
Andrew Guy, NSW, Uniting Church
Tabitha Haddock, WA, Uniting Church
Lynne Hailey, NSW, Christian
Nicholas Hales, VIC, Salvation Army
John Halford, VIC, Uniting Church
Rev Roberta Hamilton, VIC, Anglican
Dr Karl Hand, NSW, Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church
Rev Dr Avril Hannah-Jones, VIC, Uniting Church, Electra St, Willamstown
Kimberley Hanson, VIC, Uniting Church
Samantha Hanson, QLD, Anglican
Mahee Haque, NSW, Muslim
Ellis Harb, NSW, Catholic
Brianna Harris, NSW
Sarah Harrison, WA, Anglican
Casey Hart, NSW, Catholic
Ronald Hart, QLD, Presbyterian
Lana Hartwig, QLD, Christian
Dr Tanya Hashmi, NSW, Muslim, Muslims for Progressive Values (NSW)
Con Hatzihrisafis, NSW, Greek Orthodox
Paul Hegerty, QLD, Catholic, Community leader
Nic Hendry, WA, Uniting Church
Bruce Henry
Deborah Henry, VIC
Michael Hercock, NSW, Uniting Church, Leichhardt
Dale Hess, VIC, Religious Society of Friends
Andrew Hill, NSW, Uniting Church
Joshua Hill, VIC, Anglican
Susan Hill, NSW, Anglican
Jack Hoebe, VIC, Anglican, St Luke's, Cockatoo
Tim Hoffmann, VIC, Uniting Church
John Hogan, NSW, Catholic
Rev Ric Holland, VIC, Uniting Church, St Michael's Uniting Church, Collins St, Melbourne
Major Cameron Horsburgh, SA, Salvation Army
Major Trudy Horsburgh, SA, Salvation Army
James Hsu, NSW
James Hughes, TAS, Uniting Church, Lay Leader
Elly Hull, NSW, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
David Hunter, QLD, Uniting Church, Glebe Road, Deputy Chair
Rev Dr Jo Inkpin, QLD, Anglican, Lecturer, St Francis College, Anglican Diocese of Southern Qld
Mark Jennings, WA, Christian
Elaine Jensen, WA, Salvation Army
Graham Jensen, NSW, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Bega
Dr Ian Jenson, NSW, Christian,  Crave Metroplitan Community Church
Holly Jewell, QLD, Uniting Church
Zahirah Johari, VIC, Muslim, Muslims for Progressive Values (Victoria State Director)
Damian Jones, QLD, Catholic
Katy Jones, ACT, Anglican
Rev Penelope Jones, QLD, Anglican priest
Rev Penny Jones, QLD, Anglican
Jo Jordan, , Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Presiding Clerk
Rabbi Jeffrey B. Kamins OAM, NSW, Jewish, Senior Rabbi, Emanuel Synagogue, Sydney
Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky, SA, Jewish, Rabbi, Adelaide
Fiona Kanera, NSW, Catholic
Michael Bernard Kelly, VIC, Catholic, Community Leader
April Kelson, NSW, Christian
Kim Kemmis, NSW, Christian
Jonathan Kemp, QLD, Anglican
Clare Keogh, VIC, Catholic
Elizabeth Keogh, NSW, Anglican
Jeanne Klovdahl, ACT, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Peter Kost, NSW, Christian
Alexandra Koswig, VIC, Anglican
Sandy Kouroupidis, VIC, Interspirituality
Jess Lally, WA, Anglican, St Cuthbert's
Cantor Michael Laloum, VIC, Jewish, Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne
Jessie Lamb, VIC, Uniting Church
Natalie Lambert, SA, Christian
Caroline Lansdell, WA, Catholic
Joshua Lattimore, TAS, Baptist
Aroha Lawrance, NSW, Uniting Church
Mel Lawrence, QLD, Anglican
Rev Dr William J. Lawton, NSW, Anglican, Kiama
Rabbi Gersh Lazarow, VIC, Jewish, Senior Rabbi, Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne
Rev Jewlz Leaves, QLD, Anglican
Erin Lewis, NSW, Uniting Church
Sam Li, VIC, Baptist
Dean Liddell, NSW, Tabernacle Society (Sotaberian)
Rev Darren Liepold, NSW, Uniting Church, Neutral Bay
Sean Lim, VIC, Catholic
Jack Lindsay, VIC, Anglican
Leila Lines, ACT, Lutheran
Emeritus Prof. Rev. William Loader, FAHA, WA, Uniting Church
Peter Lockhart, NSW, Catholic, St Joseph's, Bulli
Ringo Louey, VIC
Lizette Ludick, NSW, Christian Reformed Churches of Australia (CRCA)
Matthew Lykos, SA, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Canon Leigh Mackay, VIC, Anglican
Marion Mackenzie, WA, Anglican, Darlington-Bellevue Parish
Rev Rob MacPherson, SA, Unitarian Church of SA, Minister
Peter Maher, NSW, Catholic, Equal Voices
Most Rev Timothy Mansfield, NSW, Bishop of NSW, Apostolic Johannite Church
Rev Peter Manuel, WA, Anglican, Parish of Subiaco
Dr Amanda Mao, VIC, Christian
JeanMarie Mariasson, NSW, Catholic
Catherine Marker, ACT, Greek Orthodox
Salaphaty Rao Marrao, VIC, Hindu, Vaishnavism, Hindu Priest
M G Marshall, NSW, Metropolitan Community Church
David Martin, WA, Anglican, St Andrew's Anglican Church, Subiaco
Rev Dr Keith Mascord, NSW, Anglican, Holy Trinity Church, Dulwich Hill, Equal Voices Committee
Liam Mason, NSW, Christian, Australian Medical Students Association Advocacy
Jason Masters, NSW, Uniting Church, Eastwood
Alan Maurice, NSW, Christian
Melinda Maybury, NSW, Anglican
Rev Dr Margaret Mayman, NSW, Uniting Church, Pitt Street, Equal Voices Steering Committee
Craig Maynard, NSW, Catholic
Ruth McCall, NSW, Anglican, Holy Trinity Church, Dulwich Hill
Justin Mccarrison, NSW, Hare Krishna
Julie McCrossin, NSW, Uniting Church, South Sydney Uniting Church, Elder
Trish McKenzie, NSW, Catholic
Cath McKinney, VIC, Christian, Community leader
Rev Angus McLeay, VIC, Anglican, Diocese of Melbourne
Cory McMillan, NSW, Christian
Malcolm McPherson, NSW, Anglican, Community leader
Rev Dr Dorothy McRae-McMahon, NSW, Uniting Church
Michael Meegan, WA
St Michael's Uniting Church Melbourne, VIC, Uniting Church, Collins St, Melbourne
James Melton, VIC, Christian
Rev Kath Merrifield, NSW, Uniting Church
Sue Mico, NSW, Catholic
Christina Mikhael, NSW
Rev Marion Millin, WA, Uniting Church
Carolyn Minchin, ACT, Catholic
Rev Karen Mitchell-Lambert, NSW, Uniting Church, Quakers Hill
Daniel Mitterdorfer, VIC, Anglican
Arina Mizuno, VIC, Shinto
Hin Mok, NSW, Buddhist
James Moloney, NSW, Catholic
Jenn Mooney, NSW, Catholic
Richard Moore, VIC, Uniting Church
Kristy Morgan, NSW, Uniting Church, Lay leader
Rabbi Fred Morgan AM, VIC, Jewish, Movement Rabbi, Union for Progressive Judaism
A Morrison, NSW, Catholic
Rev Fiona Morrison, VIC, Uniting Church, Western Port
Dr Gary Morrison, NSW
John Morrison, VIC, Catholic
Jessica Morthorpe, NSW, Uniting Church
Jessica Morthorpe, NSW, Uniting Church
Fr Claude Mostowik msc, NSW, Catholic
Rev Lenore Moules, NSW, Anglican
Hannah Mulder, WA, Salvation Army
Denise Music, NSW, Greek Orthodox
Rev Dr Leigh Neighbour, QLD, Metropolitan Community Church Brisbane, Pastor Emeritus
Susan Nelson, VIC, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Matthew Ng, NSW, Catholic, Lay leader
Thierry Ngocga, NSW, Catholic, Acceptance Sydney
Tien Hong Nguyen, NSW, Buddhist
Mary Nikolakopoulos, NSW, Greek Orthodox
Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio, NSW, Jewish, Emanuel Synagogue, Sydney
Enid Ninnes, SA, Uniting Church, Encounter Bay, Lay leader
Louise  Noorbergen, VIC, Christian, Vice-Moderator, MCC Melbourne
Carlynne Nunn, VIC, Uniting Church
Sean Obern, NSW, Catholic
Bethany O'Brien, WA, Salvation Army
Suellen O'Brien, NSW, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Benjamin Oh, NSW, Catholic, Australian Catholics for Equality, Co-convenor
Fiona Orenstein, NSW
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith, VIC, Uniting Church
Sally O'Wheel, TAS, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, VIC, The Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council Inc
Stephany Panhuysen, VIC
Tori Parker-Lacey, NSW, Uniting Church, Eastwood
Krister Partel, ACT, Anglican
Abby Partridge, NSW, Christian
Fr Thomas Peacock, NSW, Anglican, The Christian Communities of Our Lady
Rhett Pearson, NSW, Christian, Community leader
Rev Susan Pickering, NSW, Uniting Church
Rolland Pike, VIC, Christian, Metropolitan Community Church, Lay leader
Joshua Pitman, WA, Christian
Elizabeth Plant, NSW, Christian, Church Leader
Susan Plant, QLD, Anglican
James Platts, WA, Salvation Army
Dr Muriel Porter OAM, VIC, Anglican, Lay leader, Journalist, Author
Rev Elenie Poulos, WA, Uniting Church
Barbara Prain, NSW, Catholic
Liz Prendergast, WA, Catholic
Rev Jenny Preston, VIC, Uniting Church, Highfield Rd, Canterbury
Rev Dr Noel Preston AM, QLD, Uniting Church, Assoc Prof Griffith University (retd)
Heather Prowse, NSW, Uniting Church
Brendan Quinn, NSW, Catholic, post-graduate Theology degree
Rev Elizabeth Raine, ACT, Uniting Church
Vera Raneri, QLD, Christian
Rev Eileen Ray, VIC, Uniting Church
Caddie Rees, NSW, Pentecostal
David Reid, NSW, Christian
Eleanor Reid, QLD, Christian
Melissa Rhodes-Smith, NSW, Catholic
Mary Rizk, ACT, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Trish Roberts, ACT, Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)
Candace Robertson, NSW, Catholic
Tony Robertson, QLD, Catholic, Community leader
Jeff S, NSW, Reform Judaism
Joy Salmond, QLD, Uniting Church, Emmanuel Uniting Church, Lay preacher
Rohan Salmond, NSW, Uniting Church, Leichhardt Uniting Church
Shiffa Samad, NSW, Muslim, Muslims for Progressive Values, Leader
Jennifer Sanders, NSW, Wesley Uniting Church, Castle Hill
Mentari Sandiastri, WA, Deism
Edward Santow, NSW, Australian Human Rights Commissioner
Jonathan Sargeant, QLD, Anglican Diocese of Southern Qld, Anglican Parish of Ithaca-Ashgrove
Shirley Sargeant, QLD, Uniting Church , The Gap, Lay leader
Rev Dr Wendi Sargeant, QLD, Uniting Church, West End, Brisbane
Josiah Saxby, VIC, Pentecostal Christian
Anthony Scerri, NSW, Catholic
Taylor Scott, WA, Salvation Army
Stephanie Seeger, VIC
Trevor Sharpham, NSW, Uniting Church, Church Councillor
Katie Shead, NSW, Anglican
Bernie Sheedy, VIC, Catholic
Danielle Shuttle, NSW, Anglican
Kiril Siebert, NSW, Anglican
Pandit Ram Sivan, NSW, Hindu priest
Annette Smith, NSW, Wesley Uniting Church, Castle Hill
Rev Coral Smith, SA, Uniting Church
Rev David B. Smith, NSW, Anglican, Sydney
Georgia Smith, WA, Salvation Army
Rev Jacqueline Smith, VIC, Anglican
Rev Lindsay Smith, NSW, Uniting Church
Nigel Smith, VIC, Baptist, Collins St Baptist Church
Ron Smith, QLD, Metropolitan Community Church, formerly Baptist Minister, now retired
Sonja Smout, QLD, Christian
Shayne Smyth, NSW
Dan Snyder, VIC, Christian
Rev Stuart Soley, VIC, Anglican, Saint Mark's Anglican Church, Fitzroy
Cindy Souphan, VIC, Church of Latter-day Saints
Susan Southall, VIC, Anglican, St Peter's, Eastern Hill
Pip Southwell, NSW, Church of Christ
Rev Tiffany Sparks, QLD, Christian, A Progressive Christian Voice
Steven Spratley, VIC, Uniting Church, SPACE, Heidelberg Uniting Church
Rev Dr John Squires, WA, Uniting Church
Anna Sri, , Uniting Church
P Stanley, NSW, Catholic
Dennis Stanton, NSW, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Dennis Stanton, NSW, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Lee Stephens, WA, Uniting Church, Carramar
Damien Stevens, VIC, Uniting Church
Katelyn Stevenson, NSW, Uniting Church, North Rocks, Youth pastor
Rev John Stewart, VIC, Anglican
Rev Lisa Stewart, VIC, Uniting Church
Jay Still, WA
Keren Strathearn, SA
Peri Strathearn, SA, Uniting Church, Murray Bridge Uniting Church
Matthew Stuckings, ACT, Anglican Church, St Paul's, Manuka, Lay leader
Keith Styles, VIC
Vidya Sutton, ACT, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Canberra, Leader
Cecile Sy, NSW, Catholic
Leichhardt Uniting Church Council Sydney
Metropolitan Community Church Sydney, NSW, Metropolitan Community Church
Queer Muslims Sydney, NSW, Muslim, Sydney Queer Muslims (SQM)
Dr Carolyn Tan, WA, Anglican, Lay leader
Paul Taouk, NSW, Catholic
Alae Taule'alo, VIC, Catholic
Bradley Alan Taylor, TAS, Christian, Spiritual Care Worker
Ken Taylor, WA, Anglican
Kirsty Taylor, QLD, Anglican
Nathaniel Taylor, WA, Wesley Uniting (Fremantle), Baptist Church (Collins St)
Philippa Taylor, WA, Catholic, Mater Christi Yangebup
Sue Taylor, WA, Anglican
Richard Telfer, NT, Uniting Church, Lay Leader
Alison Templar, VIC, Salvation Army
Daniel Thomas, WA
Sue Thomas, WA, Christian
Winsome Thomas, VIC, Christian, psychologist
Sally Thornton, NSW, Anglican
David Tocknell, NSW, Uniting Church
Rev Dr Ian Tozer, WA, Uniting Church
George Trippe, WA, Follower of the Way
Louise Trott, NSW, Anglican
Mary Tsingelas, VIC
Brad Turnbull, QLD, Uniting Church
Roberta Turner, ACT, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Dr Zac Turner, NSW, Baptist
Lance Twentyman, VIC, Catholic
John Tzimas, VIC, Greek Orthodox, Community leader
Anthony Venn-Brown, NSW, Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International
Danielle Venning, VIC, Lutheran
Laura Vertigan, WA, Christian
Spencer Viney, VIC, Christian
Francis Voon, NSW, Catholic
Jean-Marie Voon, NSW, Catholic
Betty Vu, NSW
Kate Wakelin, VIC, Common Ground, Uniting Church, Heidelberg
Keith Walker, NSW, Christian
Max Walters, VIC, Salvation Army & Metropolitan Community Church
Rev Dr Paul Walton, QLD, Uniting Church
Rev Gavin Ward, NSW, Metropolitan Community Churches
Imam Nur Warsame, VIC, Muslim, Marhaba Melbourne
Angela Watson, TAS, Salvation Army, Leader
Benjamin Watson, VIC, Christian
Elizabeth Way, WA
Helen Webb, TAS, Baptist
Liam Webb, NSW, Uniting Church, Leichhardt Uniting Church
Carlos Webster, NSW, Metropolitan Community Church
Rev Peter Weeks, VIC, Uniting Church
Ian Werner, NSW, Metropolitan Community Church Sydney
Sarah Westgarth, Christian
Christine Weston, VIC
Rodney Wetherell, VIC, Anglican, St Martin's, Hawksburn South Yarra, Lay leader
Justin Whelan, NSW, Uniting Church, Lay leader
Kirsten Whent, WA, Uniting Church
Kathryn Whetter, SA, Anabaptist
Dr Robyn Whitaker, VIC, Uniting Church, Biblical Studies Lecturer, University of Divinity
Rev Dr Trevor Whitney, SA, Uniting Church
Rev Venerable Mujyo Williams, WA, Abbot, Spiritual Director, Jizoan Zen Temple, Chairperson, Australian Zen Studies Institute
Dr Ryan Williams, QLD, Metropolitan Community Church, Brisbane
Heather Wilson, QLD, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God
Rev Hollis Wilson, WA, Uniting Church, Chaplain, Methodist Ladies' College
Rev Dr Matthew Wilson, NSW, Uniting Church Nowra, Minister
Rev Sue Wilton, QLD, Anglican, St John's Cathedral, Brisbane
Nathan Wingrave, VIC, Anglican
Lee Wong, VIC, Church of Christ; Son of a former Pastor; Registered Counsellor.
Dr Maz Wong, NSW, Catholic
Paul Wong, NSW, Catholic
Lachlan Woods, NSW, Christian Reformed Churches of Australia (CRCA)
Andrew Wortham, NSW
Rev Josie Yarham, QLD, Anglican
Susanna Yates, WA
Andrew Yeo, NSW, Spiritual
Jun Zeng, VIC
Ying Zhang, NSW, Christian Chinese
Jenny Zimmerman, VIC, Anglican, Woodend
Velushomaz, NSW, Uniting Church

Australian Government Community Equality Law & Safety

Australian Marriage Equality :
PO Box 665, Darlinghurst NSW 1300, Australia Wide
02 6100 8108
Australian Marriage Equality

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