Morrison & Murdoch v. The ABC


Oour ABC is under attack from all sides. It's been cut to the bone by the Morrison Government and is now facing calls from an ultra-conservative think tank to be privatised out of existence.

But we've got a plan to cut through the spin. We'll expose their anti-ABC agenda and tell the story they don't want told – about the power of public broadcasting, and their bid to destroy it.

Watch the trailer for the new short film and help fight back!



Just three weeks into 2021 and the Liberals,1 IPA,2 and Murdoch Press3 are already trumpeting a dangerous ideological agenda to defund an 'out of date' broadcaster.

But, we all know it's a lie. And we're ready to counter it.

For months, GetUp has been working on an explosive new short film laying bare the coordinated threats facing the ABC, and arming viewers with the truth to push back on this anti-ABC agenda. Check it out!

Watch the trailer now! ❯

What have these right-wing ideologues been saying? Take Sinclair Davidson from the Institute of Public Affairs, an ultra-conservative think tank. Last week, he not only called outright for the privatisation of the ABC — he suggested it be sold to an unnamed 'existing media mogul'.4

Davidson's piece comes just days after The Australian said the ABC was 'lacklustre', 'tired', and in need of 'a good haircut'.5 Even Richard Alston, Howard's minister responsible for ABC funding, has laid into our broadcaster.6

From now until May — when Morrison hands down his next Budget — we know the ABC's enemies will be out in full force. With opinion pieces and primetime Sky News slots, they'll be pushing a strong anti-ABC agenda.

These attacks are nothing new. But if our movement doesn't stand up to them — who will? Watch the trailer, and help fight back!

Here's the strategy.

We know the ABC is critical to Australian communities. To our kids' education, their imagination. To investigations leading to Royal Commissions, and to keeping us safe during bushfires and pandemics.

And our elected representatives know it too. Despite this, many continue to support the dirty work of the Murdoch Press and the IPA, discrediting the ABC for their own agenda.

So what do we need to do? We're going to tackle the threats faced by the ABC head on. As one of the few — and certainly the biggest — people-powered movements campaigning to protect our national broadcaster, we can counter the threats of the Murdoch Press, Morrison, and their friends at the IPA.

And it starts now.

Watch the trailer for Morrison & Murdoch v. The ABC and ramp up your support for our public broadcaster!

It is up to us to tell the story the Government doesn't want told — a story of how they privatise essential services that don't suit their agenda in a bid to destroy them, and how they do it behind the public's back. A story of a media empire so intent on destroying the last bastion we have against media concentration.

We'll tell the story of why public broadcasting is worth protecting. And we'll do it together.

In solidarity,

Chandi, Oliver, and Tosca — for the GetUp Team

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