One person now holds the key to stopping Adani

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We’ve found an amazing location for our Reef billboard!

Billboard location

This unmissable billboard location is right on the doorstep of the man who can stop $1 billion of our taxes being loaned to Adani. And we’ve secured it for the whole of next week - right in the middle of the most crucial election for our Reef.

Now that the Queensland Premier has committed to veto the taxpayer loan to Adani, the future of Adani’s Reef-wrecking mine rests in the hands of Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls. If he can be persuaded to join the Premier in vetoing the loan, that’s it. $1 billion of our taxes will be saved from this Reef-wrecking project. And Adani will be dealt a massive blow, unable to show foreign investors they can afford this reckless mine.

This location is too good to be true!

But it’s also one of the last spots left. We can get this billboard up within days, delivering a whopping impact in the middle of this critical election. But we have to act now.

We have 48 hours, and $6,000 to raise. If everyone chips in what they can, and if we all ask our friends to help out, I know we can do it. Will you chip in to secure this powerful advertising location, right on the doorstep of the man we need to sway?

I’m so excited about this spot. With it, we can counter Adani’s multi-million dollar advertising campaign, and expose the dangers of their colossal coal mine to our Great Barrier Reef.

This Queensland Election is a defining moment for the future of our Great Barrier Reef and the glorious fish and turtles that live within. We may not get another opportunity like this, and we cannot afford to waste it. Together we can use this spot to expose the Adani danger to the man of the moment, if we act fast.

Will you help me secure this high exposure billboard and deliver our powerful message?

We only have 48 hours, we need all the help we can get. Share this with three friends to help us reach $6,000!

Thanks to you, we’re putting Adani and our Reef front and centre at this election. We’ve put staff on the ground in key areas, organised rallies, and helped community members speak up to their politicians and the media. We’ve secured a game changing shift from the Queensland Premier, giving real hope of stopping Adani getting their hands on our taxes and our Reef.

Change is coming. We can do this. We can stop the dirty Adani coal mine. We can push our politicians forwards, get a rapid shift to renewables, clean jobs, and a brighter future for our precious Great Barrier Reef.

Together, with our actions today, we can save our Reef.


P.S. We can reach $6,000 in 48 hours, but we can’t do it alone. Help me snatch this opportunity from Adani and deliver a powerful punch for our Reef.Share this with three friends and let’s get this billboard up!

Australian Marine Conservation Society :
PO Box 5815, West End Qld 4101, Australia Wide
07 3846 6777
1800 066 299
Australian Marine Conservation Society
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