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One year ago, following a resounding YES vote from the people, Marriage Equality became the law of the land.  
We changed our nation. We stood up to division and discrimination and proved that when Australians work together we have the power to change laws, and change lives. From the overwhelming YES result Australians made our views clear: equality only makes us stronger.
So today, I'm inviting you to join us in the launch of Equality Australia, as we take the next step in making a more equal Australia. 
Join Equality Australia and let's build equality for all.
Over the last few weeks, a survey has been conducted inviting everyone to contribute their priorities for what we could do together next. Over 2000 people took the survey and helped to decide where our movement goes next.
Our plan? To put our voices, values, vision and expertise to use: influencing policy at the highest levels, removing every last trace of discrimination from our laws, and build wholehearted understanding and support for those experiencing inequality (especially as a loud and powerful few try to whip up yet more fear and discrimination).
With the recent headlines, many Australians were shocked to learn that faith-based schools are allowed to legally expel trans and gay students, as well as hire or fire teachers because of their sexuality or gender identity. Many others would be shocked to learn that people born with intersex (a combination of male and female) biological characteristics are considered broken and subjected to 'normalising' treatments and surgeries as infants and children, before they can ever give consent. Or that so-called 'conversion therapy' is still happening inside certain religious communities that see gay and trans people as sick and broken, instead of human and whole.
So we're not done. We stand together, and we stand proud, because no one deserves to be treated as less than for simply being who they are. Not the two mums with their young family. Not the trans teenager. Not the teacher or student just trying to go to school. There are voices we still need to amplify, stories we still need to tell and wrongs we still need to right.
Together, we'll stand strong, we'll stand together with others doing this work, and we will build a more equal Australia for all.
Find out more and support Equality Australia today.
I hope you'll join us in the next step of this journey. But whatever you decide to do, thank you for your support so far, and for everything you've done that made today's anniversary possible.
Thank you for standing proud,
Anna Brown 
Incoming CEO, Equality Australia

PS:  The weddings, celebrations and healing that have taken place over the last year have shown us what is possible when we unite, with and for one another, to champion fairness and equality. Thank you for being part of this movement, as we launch the next step in our journey together: https://equalityaustralia.org.au 
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Equality Australia :
Level 17, 461 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia Wide
Equality Australia

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