Petitioning to re-classify the dingo in Australia and to have a National Dingo Plan


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This petition is directed to the Federal Government  asking to re-classify the dingo in Australia and to have a National Dingo Plan, and to end the cruel management  (FIDRMS) now still in place on the Fraser Island dingoes, and to Cease Baiting 1080 and ALL poison baiting ..

This is the biggest campaign we've ever run our target is to gain thousands of signatures from all over Australia and Internationally.

We must Stop the Australian Wool Producers from promoting the extinction of the Dingo through their biased draft 'wild dog management plan' this is promoting the genocide of a Native Species.' The DINGO  is a Sacred  Totem to many Indigenous Tribes across this land killed by 1080 ..

Areas that have lost the dingoes there  is proof of increase in feral animals such as foxes and cats and also a huge problem with species imbalance.


We must make an impact.

The government is going to see that we must protect this native Australia's only top predator and change the legislation and the laws that stand now on the dingoes of Australia who are not recognised as a native species and are classified as a pest on the same level as a cane toad..

If we're going to get the Federal and State governments to change their our-dated pastoralists thinking on these animal every last one of us needs to speak out.

The dingo is scientifically proven to be invaluable to the ecosystem.

No animals deserves to die at the horror of 1080 and no civilised country and  its people should condone its use?

That the government still purchases this lethal compound from Tull Chemicals and Co from America, who bans its use as too toxic, as does most of the world ,shows a lack of responsibility to community and country.

According to the WLP (World League for the Protection of animals) 1080 is torture, and also condemned by the RSPCA and the HSI (Humane Society International) as cruel.

The dingo of Australia now is Red Listed Internationally and needs protection under the threatened species listings.

Threats to the state’s dingo population, are by baiting with 1080, hunting, shooting and trapping.

We need a Strong and Meaningful Outcome for the dingo's listed on the  threatened species listing . 1080 poison has no place in modern Australian society

This petition is to lodge and a nomination under federal legislation a re-classification of the dingo as a native species and implement a National Dingo Conservation Plan, end the cruel management  (FIDRMS) now still in place on the Fraser Island dingoes.  

We need to bring the “official” roll-call of threatened species lists up-to-date by including the iconic Australian dingo canis lupus dingo. Extinction is Forever and the dingo is on the brink.

We must also push for a Review  of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act) and have recommended that the list including the dingo and it be updated regularly.

Colonial attitudes that native animals, including the dingo are vermin persist - the coercion began early in 1852 with the passing of an Act of Parliament "to encourage the destruction of Native Dogs".

Graziers were encouraged to group together to pay the wage of a poisoner - strychnine was used and one million dingoes were killed in Queensland between 1881 and 1918 and so it continues today - using 1080 as a lethal deadly poison is not only cruel but also is ecological vandalism and should be stopped -

*Many Indigenous Tribes across Australia hold the Dingo as Sacred Totem. It is apart of the Dreamtime.
*Dingoes are the top land Predator and hold the Ecosystem in balance ref: Wallach and O'Neill.
*Dingoes keep the Fox and Cat in tow along with the Goat and Pig and maintain a balance in the Kangaroo and Rabbit population.
*What does it take for people in this country to get off their behinds and demand this travesty is stopped?
*If it was the Japanese killing Whales there would be thousands marching and chanting big mouthed antics against that nation!
*Wake up Aussies before it is too late'.
*If we lose the dingo then the fox will become the top Australian predator an introduced animal for the settlers to use for fox hunting.
*Why is it so important that we as a nation should voice loud and clear to save our dingoes
*when we do this for animals far away from these shores, yet we condone the extinction of the Dingo an agenda our Government delivers every day in their focus of the extinction of our iconic unique dingo!
*Something must be done as this is a travesty of massive proportion.
The senate inquiry recommends that the process of adding or deleting species from the official list of threatened species should be expedited using the pool of talent and goodwill present in the wider community of experts, we must have our well respected dingo scientists included.

The dingo is strongly linked to the improvement of the environment when it is not baited and allowed to exist. These scientists need to be listened by our government, the Dingo is the top order Australian predator, modulator and guardian of the balance in the ecosystem .  

Proven scientific research as conducted by  those who recently won the prestigious Eureka award and these excellent calibri of scientists need Major recommendation for dedicated threatened species funding on the dingo.

Please Download this petitions  and support this cause by gaining as many signatures as you can and return to the address' listed on the petition.

28 Oct 13 - Dingo Petition.pdf
28 Oct 13 - Dingo Petition.doc
28 Oct 13 - 1080 The Nasty Poison.pdf

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