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The above graphic sums up our Privacy Policy, in over a decade we NEVER have and NEVER will in the future sell or pass on your information to 3rd Parties.

You may or may not be aware that Privacy Laws in Australia have been amended and they come into effect on the 12th of March 2014.  We have always had a ‘Privacy policy’ on that has been viewable ever since we started back in 2002.  Nothing will actually change for us, but just in case you wanted the quick ‘Plain English’ version of how we treat your privacy on our site, here it is:

We are a family owned & operated business, we treat your submitted details to us exactly the same as we would wish our own details to be treated, ie WE WILL NEVER SELL NOR HAND OUT YOUR DATA TO A THIRD PARTY, never have & never will!  We have been approached on many occasions over the years to send out or give 3rd parties access to our database, we have always said no.  We as people do not like having to tick that box on the bottom of forms saying you agree to the website doing whatever the hell they like with your data, so we are NOT going to do that to our loyal visitors either.  For your information, below are our Privacy fast facts in 'English':

Coast News: If you are a member of our newsletter, that information stays in our database & you are emailed only once or twice a month maximum, sometimes less than that depending on workload.  That list of members is never seen nor accessed by anyone outside this business.

Coast News Giveaways: Again, you are only in the draw if you submit your details.  The only information that leaves this office is the lucky person who’s name is drawn out of the hat.  That person’s name, phone & email is emailed to the person giving away the prize (ie Theatre Tickets), so they can contact you to organise you picking up that freebie.  NOTE that email sent to the Organiser is copied to the winner so they can see ‘exactly’ what has been sent to the organiser.  Again, no other submitting information is passed on to any 3rd party EVER.

Email Now:  We have this system in place onsite, masking business email addresses, so that unscrupulous programmes can’t scrape email addresses & to try to stop the plethora of spam.  There are 100’s of triggers, combinations of words etc that can flag an email as spam & this will ‘pause’ the mail where we physically eyeball the status of it.  If this happens to you, be aware that we only stop that mail going through if it is in contravention of the “Spam Act 2003” and you will be advised by an automated email that it is being viewed.  Obviously if it is an accidental capture the email goes through as quickly as a staff member can attend to it.  IF you have included your phone number or email address on that Email Now you have sent to a business onsite, is ignored as it is none of our business, the Email Now system is a conduit only.  Obviously if there is an illegality (death threat etc.), which has been extremely rare over the years, we will of course pass that on to the Police or relevant Authority.

Business Details:  All business details onsite have either been submitted directly to us or via publicly available forums in the case of some Government organisations.  The only people contacted via the Business or Organisation details onsite are via our Coast News, where people have agreed to this on sign up.  Again, this information is NEVER sold, nor used by a 3rd Party, never has, never will!  Even the odd contact phone number or email address on an ‘Event’ or ‘News’ article are there at the request of the person supplying the information (to book tickets for an event etc.), if that was not indicated on the original submission it does not go onsite.

If you have any questions at all in regard to our Privacy Policy please do not hesitate to contact us & we are always happy to speak with you (in English, not Tech or Legal talk).  If you are wanting to know more about these changes in general, please visit:
"Changes to the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) are due to start on 12 March 2014"
"Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012"

Kind regards,
Noely, Stephen, Pat, Leone & Tane
The MSC Crew
11 March 2014

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