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On Saturday, 11 innocent people were gunned down with an assault rifle at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.1 

The same week, 4Corners exposed the gun industry's $1.2 million effort to weaken our gun laws in Australia, at the incalculable cost of our public safety.2 

In an effort akin to the NRA in America, the gun industry has pumped nearly half a million dollars into campaign contributions and advertising with disguised names and purposes — all to elect highly conservative, industry-friendly politicians.3,4 

Our gun laws should be decided by us — not by manipulative multinational gun companies out to boost gun sales. US-style political influence will only be followed by US-style gun violence. 

Fortunately, nearly 90% of Australians support our gun laws or think they should be stronger.5 So if we can shine a light on the shadowy political influence of the gun industry, we can force our politicians to back away from it. 

That's why we need a full-scale, expert-led investigation into tracking the money and influence of the gun industry right to each politician's doorstep — along with a strong campaign to protect our public safety. 

Can you chip in $12 to help commission a full report into the gun industry's political links? 

It's simple. Our gun laws save lives. An academic analysis estimates they stopped at least 16 mass shootings, like the anti-semitic attack in Pittsburgh on Saturday, since the Port Arthur massacre in 1996.6 

But in Tasmania's last state election, the Hodgman Liberal Government made a secret arrangement with the gun lobby that would have weakened the National Firearms Agreement.7 

They were forced to shred the deal after the ABC exposed it, proving that sunlight is the best way to cleanse our democracy of gun industry influence.8 

Experts at Gun Control Australia are ready to commission a ground-breaking investigation to expose who benefits from weaker gun laws, who is donating to whom, and the gun lobby's network of personal and political relationships. 

That report can form the backbone of a massive public campaign to take back our gun laws from the big gun companies. 

Chip in $12 and let's force the politicians to turn away from gun industry influence. 

Reports in The Guardian and the ABC show strong links between the gun lobby and various parties and politicians, including Katter's Australia Party and One Nation.9,10 Peter Dutton even approved a council of gun importers to advise on changes to our gun laws. 

Now we learn that the gun lobby, through hidden names, is funding a big advertising campaign against Victoria's Labor Government that never even mentions guns!11 But it's all to get a more conservative, gun-friendly government at the state election, just weeks away. 

Fortunately, we know how to take on big corporate money. In 2016, more than 3,000 GetUp members chipped in to fund an investigation into hidden 'Dark Money' that flows from corporations to political parties. The report received extensive media coverage and political attention.12,13,14 

Now our friends at Gun Control Australia are commissioning a highly influential think tank, The Australia Institute, on this new report into gun industry influence. We need to fund that critical work, together with a massive public campaign, to expose the political dealings of the gun industry to the broader public. 

Chip in $12 to stand up for public safety against the threat of a cashed up, NRA-style gun lobby. 

In unity, 

Jake, Mark and Sarah, for the GetUp team 

PS - We don't want to go down the American road — where mass killings are a regular occurrence and "thoughts and prayers" are the only thing politicians offer to grieving families. That's why we need to expose what's going on before it's too late. Chip in $12 to the public campaign to take back our gun laws from the gun lobby. 

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