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Preppies Pippa, Tyson, Claire and Joshua in Pomona SS Library with Principal Alyson Covey & Geoff Edwards

Our local educators and students are about to take a well-earned Easter break. But earlier this week, some preppies at Pomona State School took some time to say thank you to a valued sponsor.

Funding from the Pomona agency of Bendigo Bank has helped support the purchase of a number of books for the reading resource room. The young students are now learning to read these books through a specific method of teaching.

Synthetic phonics involves words being broken up into the smallest units of sound, called phonemes. Children learn to make connections between the letters of written texts and the sounds of spoken language.

Pomona State School principal, Alyson Covey said synthetic phonics also teaches children how to identify all the phonemes in a word and match them to a letter in order to be able to spell correctly.

“Learning to read is like learning to solve a code,” Alyson said.

“Children must learn how the written symbols called letters and words can be translated into language. The synthetic phonics approach teaches children to read words by saying the sounds the letter represents and blending those sounds together fast, from left to right throughout the word to read the word,” she added.

As children gain phonic knowledge and practise the skill of blending sounds together, along with a developing bank of sight words they will become more confident readers and read increasingly more complex texts.

The funding for the books the children work with is part of a sponsorship package from the Pomona Agency of Bendigo Bank which has helped support the school’s Breakfast Club program. Since the launch of the agency is April 2015, the cross section of sponsorships has also included the Mini Lit program for the younger grades (abbreviated from Meeting Initial Needs in Literacy). It’s another teaching program designed to help improve children’s reading and writing skills.

It builds on each student’s progress and, in turn builds confidence and self-belief in each students’ own literacy learning ability.
Geoff Edwards is manager of the Pomona agency and Cooroy Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank. He said his most recent visit to Pomona State School was another opportunity to see the great work that’s being carried out through the sponsorships of the Pomona agency.
“We’re loving the relationship we’re developing with Pomona State School,” Geoff said.

“Our financial support comes from working with the school to find ways to complement what their needs are from a community perspective. We’re here because the people of Pomona wanted their own bank and this is one way our profits can benefit the students of the area,” Geoff added

For more information about the programs contact Pomona State School after the holidays on 5480 8222.       

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