They've got millionaires, we've got a million members


The Coalition's campaign partner "Advance Australia" just sent a fundraiser to pay for climate denialist propaganda in our schools.1

It comes in the wake of Pauline Hanson's bill to "protect" children from climate science.2

It's a disturbing attempt to reach into our classrooms, lie to our kids, and corrupt our politics in the wake of a climate crisis too many of us just experienced first-hand.

It's fear, pure and simple – because they know the momentum is building for real climate action, and they're trying to kill it before it gathers more speed.

And they'll succeed – unless we channel that new momentum into a multi-channel campaign for clean energy, and all it can do to make our lives better and keep us safe.

We'll need research on what moves the needle on climate action, a big ad budget and a full-scale, grassroots organising program to counter Advance Australia's billionaire backers.

Can you chip in $12 to fund the bold climate campaign required to fight back against denial?

Right now the Morrison Government is imploding over its own climate denial, torn apart by forces in and outside the party room.

While moderate Liberals are taking to the press to call for more ambitious action, the forces of denial – from Hanson and Advance Australia, to Barnaby Joyce and Matt Canavan – are gearing up full bore.3,4

They're lashing out at renewables, threatening to destabilise the government over coal, and now resorting to desperate propaganda targeting school kids.

This is it. It's a desperate stand from the dangerous denialists who have had a stranglehold on our politics for decades. But if we don't counter them with a campaign harnessing the current public momentum for climate action, they could still win the day.

So we're throwing everything we've got at this: mobilising diverse constituencies in bushfire affected areas, campaigning for renewable energy projects in regions crying out for investment, and ramping up the pressure on moderate Liberals to stand with the vast majority of voters who want Australia to be a leader on climate action.5

Can you chip in $12 now to make this ambitious plan possible?

While they have millionaire members, we have a million members – but it's going to take all of us.

If enough of us chip in we'll fund:
  • World-class research to connect with target audiences so that the call for real climate action becomes louder and clearer than Barnaby Joyce's overwhelming and unignorable antics.
  • Develop and distribute our own resources to help new-comers to the climate movement skill up in activism and have persuasive conversations with neighbours and friends.
  • Investigate and unmask Advance Australia's shadowy corporate backers – and make sure their customers know how their money is spent.
  • An all out lobbying effort in Canberra to defeat Hanson's dangerous propaganda in our schools and support independent-backed climate legislation in parliament.
  • Organise in regions already benefiting from renewable energy to expand funding for success stories like ARENA.
But with Advance Australia aiming to raise $180,000 for their school propaganda crusade – our response as a movement must be overwhelming.

Chip in $12 to stamp out this desperate denialist propaganda campaign, and push the government to act!

We stand at a crossroads. More people than ever believe that climate change is real, and we're already feeling it's impacts. More people than ever are saying climate change is their number one concern, and they expect the government to do more.

But power concedes nothing without demand – and at the moment the strongest demands are being placed on the government by the fossil fuel lobby and fringe interest groups.

Together, we can change that.

Ed, Charlie, Tessa, Rafi and Oliver – the GetUp Climate Justice team.

[1] Advance Australia Fundraiser email, 11 February 2020.
[2] Teachers biased on history, climate change, sex: Pauline Hanson, Canberra Times, 10 February 2020.
[3] Ibid.
[4] The climate wedge deepens for Scott Morrison as rebels toy with power, The New Daily, 10 February 2020.
[5] More voters think Australia not doing enough on climate, Guardian Essential poll shows, The Guardian, 26 November 2019.
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