This is hard, but we should be proud

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We took on Tony Abbott and we took on Peter Dutton, because it was the right thing to do. Because of powerful campaigning by GetUp members, Tony Abbott is no longer in our Parliament. The 12.7% swing against him is a rejection of his climate-wrecking and divisive politics. 

Peter Dutton only hung on through massive campaign spending and full-throated backing by the Murdoch Press. Our hard work blunted the swings to the LNP in Dickson: only +2.5 compared to +5.7 in the neighbouring seat of Petrie. Our work in Boothby and Flinders also saw swings away from the hard right that exceeded statewide trends. 

It seems that a Morrison Government will be returned. What is unclear is whether they will have a bare majority or will need to rely on a clutch of independents who strongly support climate action, our ABC and increasing Newstart. 

Either way, it will be up to us to speak up for our values and deliver on our issues in this next term of government. To do what we always have – find innovative, people-powered ways to get real climate action wherever we can, however we can. 

At a time when our politics is more divided than ever, the promise of renewal lies with everyday people, tired of politics as usual, ready to change things for the better. 

There is much to think about and much to do. But, for a moment, let's look back at what we did together as an inspiration for what we can do in the days ahead: 

9,433 volunteers made an incredible 712,039 calls and knocked on 36,315 doors. And our work together was funded by 37,335 everyday people — nearly one third of them donating to GetUp for the very first time. We also ensured that many more people were enrolled to vote, especially among First Nations peoples. 

For 5,633 of you it was your first time volunteering on an election with GetUp. We'll be in touch soon to talk about what we can achieve together with the skills we've learned and the bonds we've formed. 

The fight goes on, and for many of the things we're passionate about, it may now become harder. But we will be there to stand up for our climate and our Reef. We will be there to fight for our ABC, and a health system that takes care of all of us. 

Together, we will work towards a fair Australia for everyone, no matter who they love, where they come from, or the colour of their skin, and for greater dignity and voice for First Nations peoples. 

We have to do these things, because the alternative is unthinkable. We have to do them, because we've shown we're the ones who can. 

Because in an election filled with scare campaigns, GetUp members connected with people on values. You did it with a friendly, convincing voice on the other end of the phone line, and a smile at doorsteps and polling booths. 

If you're feeling worried about the weeks and years to come, honestly – so am I. 

But the best cure I've found is you.
 In the images below is hope for renewal, the will to fight another day and a foundation to build change for the better. 

GetUp members on election day 

Thank you for everything you do, and everything we'll go on to do, 
Paul, for the GetUp Team  
GetUp! Australia :
PO Box A105, Sydney South, NSW, 1235, Australia Wide
GetUp! Australia
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