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I recently circulated a vehement letter of protest re Unity Water’s exorbitant increase to my office water bill. Further analysis has sent my temperature soaring to a new record level as I now have a more accurate understanding of how this organisation is operating.
My office is located on the upper level of a three story block. There are a total of 22 individual units in the building. I am now retired & my water use consists of trips to the toilet and the occasional rinse of my coffee cup. This pattern of water usage has varied little over the last 19 years and is now even lower since I have retired.
My previous letter of complaint highlighted the fact that my quarterly bill had increased from $107.03 to $256.93, a mere 240% . Subsequently I have analysed the bill and discovered that the reason for this increase was that Sewerage charges were now being applied to the individual offices rather than to the Body Corporate. I had received no notice of this change which took place from 4/12/ 2014.
I found that I have now incurred a $149 Sewerage Charge  which will apply each quarter. This equates to just under $600/annum for a one person office for Sewerage alone. The previous Annual Body Corporate Sewerage charge was  $2459. This was shared between the 22 units and resulted in an Annual Sewerage charge of $116 per unit. I will now pay $480 more for the service that I have had for 19 years.
The new system will result in Unity Water receiving a total of over $13000 in Sewerage costs  from the 22 units in our building this year. This is a mere increase of well over 500%. I should congratulate Unity Water on this surreptitious method of dramatically increasing its corporate revenue without incurring a single cost and without any concern for their customers.
Unity Water have explained to me that the reason is that they are bringing their charges into line. They seemed to think that i should understand that this was important and had little sympathy when I pointed out that my Office Sewerage bill had increased by over 500% when I was receiving nothing new.
I will pursue this blatant iniquitous situation with vigour despite the long odds of success.
Ron McKenzie
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3rd of May 2015
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