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Everyone should be protected from discrimination – but right now the Australian Christian Lobby are pushing for new laws that would attack LGBTIQ+ people. We need as many people as possible to push back against the ACL who want to use our communities in a battle of ‘God vs Queers’. 

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We’ve brought together Muslim, Jewish, Christian and LGBTIQ+ people to stand together and call on the Government to protect everyone equally. 


Nobody should be treated as less than because of who they are, who they love or what they believe. 


Single mothers should be able to access services even if they are delivered by religious organisations. Women accessing abortion care shouldn’t be subject to harassment. LGBTQ+ students and teachers should be free to learn and work free from discrimination. And people of faith should be able to practice their religion safe from harm – this includes the many people of faith who are also LGBTIQ+. 


We are working with women’s organisation, Fair Agenda, and racial justice organisation, Democracy in Colour, to fight for laws which get the balance right and protect people of faith, people of colour, women and LGBTIQ+ people equally.  


LGBTIQ+ people know firsthand how harmful facing discrimination can be to someone’s health and wellbeing. That is why we believe that no one should face mistreatment or abuse, and no one should be handed a licence to discriminate.  


Parliament is sitting this week and next – by sharing this video you’re making sure that politicians see how united and serious we are in fighting against the freedom to discriminate. Will you stand with us and people of faith in calling for laws which protected everyone? 


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With your help, we will continue to fight for a fair and inclusive society for everyone.  


Thank you 


Anna Brown



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