In response to Coronavirus, help and hope are needed everywhere.

Incredible people are starting community care groups to help each other and the most vulnerable — including everything from shopping for food, picking up medicine or doing a regular check in call.1

But with measures ramping up rapidly to reduce the spread of the virus, the need for community support could grow exponentially in the weeks to come.

That's why we've launched #ViralKindness. The hub is a space to connect people who need support with the people who can provide it – in their community. There are groups right around the country, no matter where you call home. If there isn't a group near you, consider starting your own! No matter what kind of help you may need, or be able to provide, coming together is the first step.

It is no exaggeration to say your help has never been needed more. If we're going to get through this coronavirus crisis, people in your area will need your support.

Can you help support others by starting a #ViralKindness group in your area?

Start a group

Or join a group!

There are no special skills or experience required! Setting up a community care group in your local areas means:
  1. Starting a private group on Facebook, or a Messenger or Whatsapp thread to communicate with each other.
  2. Adding your group to the #ViralKindness hub.
  3. Dropping community care postcards in letter boxes around your neighbourhood.
  4. Working with others to help people in your area. That's it!
We know from health experts that physical distancing, and periods of self-isolation are what's needed to prevent the worst from happening in the spread of coronavirus.2

Any one of us, or our families, may need to self isolate for a time. And for older people, those with underlying medical conditions or compromised immune systems – it may be a longer term necessity. But self-isolating can be incredibly challenging.

For those of us that can, it's about doing a little more to help. By starting more groups across the country, we can supercharge the growing #ViralKindness movement.

Together, we can help create support networks so people can still get food, medicine and other basic necessities — and stay connected, even when we're apart.

Can you become part of the rapidly growing #ViralKindness community by starting or joining a group in your area?

What will you find on the #ViralKindness hub?
  • Start a group: Get information and guidance on how to start and lead your own group, with help from others.
  • Join a group: Find a local group near you to join and pitch in!
  • Resources: Get resources on the best way for your group to help in your community, drawing on the learning and experience of other care groups.
As one million GetUp members across the country, we can help supercharge this movement to support and care for each other during difficult times.

Can you become part of the #ViralKindness community today?

Thank you for your kindness,

Paul, for the entire GetUp Team

PS - The name #ViralKindness is drawn from the movement of groups in the UK, which included dropping check-in postcards to neighbours.2 The example and assistance of the community care groups already set up in Australia were critical in developing and launching the #ViralKindness site and we thank them for their help and inspiration. We will continue in that shared learning to improve #ViralKindness as a resource for all. Become part of #ViralKindness today.

[1] "What Is Needed Most Is Not Toilet Paper, It's A Sense Of Community", 10 Daily, 17 March 2020.
[2] Thousands of Australian doctors call on government to ramp up coronavirus response, The Guardian, 17 March 2020.
[3] Coronavirus: campaign launched offering help to those self-isolating, The Guardian, 14 March 2020.
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