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The dirty energy companies have nowhere to hide. 

A new report from Australia's consumer watchdog has confirmed what we've known for years — Australia's biggest energy companies are ripping us off, big time.1 

The bombshell report from the ACCC has exposed the blatant market manipulation and massive mark-ups that big energy companies use to drive up prices and gouge their customers.2,3 

This report is a damning indictment of the energy sector heavyweights, but doesn't come as a surprise. 

GetUp's own Dirty Power Games report exposed the rorts and rip-offs in the sector almost two years ago, proving coal-fired power companies like AGL, Origin, and EnergyAustralia aren't just fuelled by dirty energy, they're dirty all the way down.4 

If you're still with AGL, EnergyAustralia or Origin, you can fight back. Join 20,000 GetUp members who've left the Big Three for a cleaner, fairer energy company today. 

Find out more about GetUp's energy campaign with Powershop

The ACCC's new report rips away the mask to expose the rot at the heart of the coal-fired power cartel. 

For too long, a select few dirty power companies have had a stranglehold on the energy sector, and they're using their retail arms to bleed us dry. 

What's the answer? Flooding the market with cheap, clean renewable energy to drive down prices, rebalance the energy sector, and take the power back from these coal-fired dinosaurs. 

The problem is we can't rely on this government to do what needs to be done. It's paralysed by a hard-right clique that are already using this report to agitate for their favourite cause —more expensive, dirty, coal-fired power, funded directly by public money.5 

But while the government twists itself in knots trying to avoid the elephant in the room, the rest of the country is getting on with the job. 

We are building renewable energy infrastructure in our neighbourhoods, putting solar panels on our rooftops, and supporting companies that do the right thing by investing in renewable energy. 

That's why 20,000 of us have switched away from the dirty energy cartel to GetUp's energy partner Powershop —named greenest energy company by Greenpeace three times running. 

We're sending a message that we won't sit still while the government refuses to move on the dirty energy giants. We are voting with our wallets for a cleaner, fairer alternative. 

Find out more about GetUp's energy campaign with Powershop

The truth is there is so much to be done to solve Australia's dirty energy crisis. GetUp members have done the groundwork by funding and championing visionary policies like the Repower Australia Plan, but with the Turnbull government missing in action on renewable energy, we need to lead the way. 

Switching away from the worst offenders in the industry to better alternatives like Powershop not only sends a powerful message, it means you'll no longer be contributing to the bottom lines of Australia's biggest polluters. 

More reasons to switch to Powershop 

  • Support for renewables: Powershop is owned by a 100% renewable energy company, with firm commitments never to invest in fossil fuels like coal and coal seam gas

  • Price drops, courtesy of renewable investment: This year Powershop dropped prices across Victoria, New South Wales and southeast Queensland off the back of a massive investment in clean energy.6,7

  • Carbon-neutral: Powershop offsets all its own emissions, as well as any emissions associated with their customers' energy usage

  • Transparency and fairness: Powershop has always strived to provide customers with transparency over their usage and billing and provides fair comparisons to all customers.

  • Collective impact: Together, GetUp members have wiped an estimated $66 billion off the bottom lines of the Big Three and offset 120,000 tonnes of CO2 by switching to Powershop.8

  • Support for GetUp: GetUp receives a financial contribution for every person that switches via the Better Power campaign, which goes towards funding our important work in the environmental sector.
Although Powershop is owned by a 100% renewable energy company, it's important to note you won't receive renewable energy if you switch —you'll still receive the same mix as everyone else on the grid. But you will be supporting a company that has shown strong, consistent, and vocal support for renewables, and backed that up with regular large-scale investments. 

Find out more about GetUp's energy campaign with Powershop

Thanks for all you do for a cleaner, fairer energy sector. 

Anthony, for the GetUp team 


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