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We had a pretty wild idea, and we want to see if you'll take us up on it. 

GetUp Co-Founder Jeremy Heimans wrote a book on 'New Power' — recently featured on Q&A and Conversations with Richard Fidler. 

'New power' is mass collective action with intensity. New power disrupts politics as usual to change what's possible. New power is you, it's all of us, together. 

New power is important to understanding how we can take on big corporate money and the political machines — and win. But we can also use it in our own lives and local communities to make change for the better. 

Because we want as many people to read it as possible — here's our wild idea. 

Contribute ANY amount you think is fair to support our work to save our Reef, Our ABC and more — and we'll send you a copy of New Power. 

Banner reads - Donate any amount and get a copy of New Power 

Donate anything, get Jeremy's new book. We know some people might contribute less than the book costs, and that's OK — we want it to be read. 

But we hope you'll consider contributing more if you can. We help cover the cost of the book – and fund big fights against an unfair corporate tax handout, public money for Adani and brutal budget cuts to our ABC. 

Jeremy's book 'New Power' shines a light on cultural phenomena like #MeToo, the Ice Bucket Challenge and Airbnb, uncovering the forces that made them huge. It also explores the dark side of these forces: the way ISIS has co-opted new power to monstrous ends, and the rise of Donald Trump's "intensity machine". 

Thankfully, in Australia new power has been defined by GetUp members — online, on the airwaves and in the streets. Let's keep it that way! 

Chip in now to support our ongoing fight – and we'll send you a copy of Jeremy's book, New Power. 

We hope you enjoy the read, 
Paul, for the GetUp Team 

PS -- See the praise for 'New Power' and make ANY contribution today to support our work together to get your copy. 

"This book will inform and inspire all those wanting to make change ... and acheive a goal against all odds." 
 Jane Goodall 

"This important book will, in Ghandi's words, encourage us to be the change we want to see in the world, a change that is ever more possible but which today hangs in the balance." 
 The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG  
GetUp! Australia :
PO Box A105, Sydney South, NSW, 1235, Australia Wide
GetUp! Australia
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