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Dutton's big lie is working. 

New polling shows 60% of Australians believe there are no children in detention.1 

But last week medical whistleblowers on ABC's 7:30 Report blew the lid off the government's lie – revealing a bleak childhood of barbed wire fences and numbers instead of their names for the 107 children detained on Nauru. 

Yet the same new polling shows that when people are confronted with the faces of the children still detained on Nauru, a clear majority – including a majority of Government supporters – want those children and their families brought to safety immediately.2 

That's our hope. And what we have to do is clear. 

On Monday, a shaky Morrison Government will be under full public scrutiny for the first time as they head to Parliament. We have to seize that spotlight to put it on their abuse of children on Nauru. 

If we blanket Canberra, and the country, with the faces of the children our government detains with an ambitious ad blitz – we can shatter the government's lie and bring forth the full force of public opinion on a vulnerable government. 

Can you chip in $12 to get the faces of the children detained on Nauru in front of our Parliamentarians, and across the country in a nationwide advertising blitz? 

Dutton has lied about getting every child out of detention for years – he even named it as one of his 'key achievements' during the chaos of the leadership spill.3 

But while the Government refuses to acknowledge truth – the situation for children detained on Nauru worsens. 

Children should be free to grow and flourish in a safe, supportive environment. But since December, lawyers have had to force Dutton's department to evacuate 27 critically ill children and their families to Australia.4 And medical whistleblowers had a dire warning – there is a very real risk a child will die on Nauru.5 We don't have time to waste. 

In 2016, when Dutton tried to send baby Asha and other children living safely in our communities back to danger on Nauru, our movement made their images front page news and Dutton was forced to back down. If we get the faces of these children in front of the public, Morrison and Dutton will be unable to look the other way. 

Can you chip in $12 to make sure the public and politicians see the faces of the children still detained on Nauru? 

We've got an ambitious plan to urgently plaster Canberra and the country with the faces of the children of Nauru. If enough of us chip in we can: 
  • Get a mobile billboard to confront Morrison and Dutton at Parliament, and follow them around Canberra.

  • Plaster key electorates across the country with posters and billboards in strategic, high traffic areas.

  • Take out a powerful full page ad in a national newspaper.

  • Run targeted digital ads on social media so our politicians feel the pressure every time they log on.

  • Get production started on a hard-hitting TV ad to be shown across the country.

The more we raise, the more people we'll be able to reach with the truth about children on Nauru, and the more we'll be able to focus public pressure on a rickety Morrison Government. 

Can you chip in $12 to cover Canberra and the country with the faces of the children detained on Nauru in a nationwide advertising blitz? 

Thank you for standing with us. 

Shen and Renaire for the GetUp team 

P.S We've fought and won a battle like this before. In 2016, our movement stood up and said #LetThemStay – and Dutton backed down. This time, we can come together and call out the lie that there are not children in detention and get #KidsOffNauru. Chip in to help shatter the governments lie. 

[1] Essential poll - Nauru, 14 August 2018. 
[2] Essential poll - Nauru, 14 August 2018. 
[3] 'Peter Dutton resigns ministerial position after leadership challenge',, 21 August 2018. 
[4] Child Trauma on Nauru – The Facts, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, 28 August 2018 
[5] 'Healthcare workers speak out about the health of child refugees on Nauru', ABC, 28 August 2018.
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