You may not know it, but Queensland made history on the weekend


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Graphic: Leeanne Enoch @LeeanneEnoch "Arriving for our first caucus meeting"

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You probably won’t know it from reading the states paper, but in fact, this weekend Queensland, a very conservative state historically actually made history, in more than one way when the new Government introduced it’s new Cabinet and I personally feel we should be shouting it from the roof tops.

Regardless of your particular brand of favoured politics, as a Female, Mother of a Daughter , supporter of our nations First Peoples and someone who just cares about ‘Equality’, it was pretty big.

  • For the first time in an Australian Parliament we will have more women in cabinet than men (Annastacia Palaszczuk, Jackie Trad, Kate Jones, Yvette D’Ath, Jo-Ann Miller, Leeanne Enoch, Coralee O’Rourke & Shannon Fentiman).
  • For the first time in Queensland we will have a Female Premier (Annastacia Palaszczuk) & Female Deputy Premier (Jackie Trad).
  • We have our First Indigenous – and Female – Minister (Leeanne Enoch MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works and Minister for Science and Innovation).
  • We have two Indigenous MP’s in Parliament (Leeanne Enoch & Billy Gordon).

All the above are breaking glass ceilings as far as equality goes and that is something that we in Queensland should celebrate. In fact, we normally celebrate one achievement, this new Parliament pretty much smashes the glass ceiling when it comes to Indigenous & Female equality.

Now, not all of the above may do well, some may be useless Minister & MP’s, but you know what? That is what Equality actually is, the opportunity, regardless of Race, Religion, Gender or Sexual Orientation to aspire to higher positions in our community, business or politics, and be just as great or just as useless as those that went before them. At least we have made history in allowing women & Indigenous to ‘have the opportunity’ to succeed or fail on their own merit.

The reason why I am pointing this out to you, and the reason for celebration is that we need to recognise that these are further steps in achieving equality for ALL.  As the saying goes, if it can happen once, it can happen again and we can only hope in future, that just like classrooms around the state, sometimes there are a few more boys in the class, sometimes a few more girls, sometimes more of a particular race, sometimes less, either way, we don’t pay any attention as 'not noticing or caring' is business as usual :)

11.20am 16 Feb 2015: Terribly remis of me though thank you to Ray & RKD who who also pointed out, Rob Pyne of Cairns, a disabled MP who uses a wheelchair, so 'diversity' is looking very good in this particular Parliament, let's hope it continues into our future:

PS. For those of a political bent who are stressed about the so-called chaos a Minority Government has - don’t be.
A. We have had them before without issue and the state did not implode.
B. We have our own Peter Wellington as the balance of power, he has been in this game a long time & his agreement is rather well done with the ALP. 
C. In a state with a unicameral Government, minority Government is the closest we get to accountability instead of the winner takes all we usually have, so in my personal opinion, that is a good thing.
D. Much has been made about an inexperienced cabinet, yes quite a few are first term Ministers, though about the same as the last Government had, in fact, you might be surprised to see the previous "Executive-Ministerial Experience for both this current 2015 ALP Cabinet compared to the previous 2012 LNP Cabinet".

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